Five on Friday {June 16, 2017}: Recipes

Here are five recipes that we made this week.  No pictures of the meals, but I promise they did happen!

Summer Berry Picking inspired the first three recipes:
1. Summer Berry Pie:
--this was delicious and I will add the recipe at the bottom.  I will definitely be making this again--maybe next week for a dessert competition fundraiser at church.

2. Blueberry Scones:
--(in honor of my friend Pat who has recently shared her love for scones with me)--we decided these tasted like really good biscuits with blueberries and they were also a hit.

3. PW's French Toast with Blackberry Butter:
--I maybe enjoyed these more than anyone else, but they were also good leftover and toasted in the toaster with some butter spread over them.

4. Alfredo Sausage Pasta
--one of the few recipes that I have 'made' up over the years and it is easy enough and good enough that it makes its way into the rotation fairly regularly.

5.  Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Oreos and Chocolate chips:
--I hav…

Thankful Thursday {June 8, 2017}

I am bringing this back at the request of William.

Several years ago, I spent a year recording One Thousand gifts after reading Ann VosKamp's book.  Even though I didn't always document on the blog, I maintained my gratitude journal for a few years. Then, it got set aside and packed away.  Before leaving to go to Quebec City with my students in March, I pulled it out and took it with me and have been maintaining the practice each day of starting my day by adding several things that I am thankful for.  It has been balm for my soul to recount God's blessings as well as to look back over the years and entries and see the graces He has filled my life with.  I am reminded over and over of Psalm 103:5 "...who satisfies your years with good things."

Here are a few things that I am thankful for this week:

Incredible weather--Oklahoma is notoriously hot and miserable, but so far this summer and spring, we have had pretty mild temperatures (some crazy storms, but not too mu…

starting fresh....

We had a visit last week from Uncle Shane and Aunt Joy and somehow in the midst of the visit, the boys pulled out the scrapbooks and the blog books and spent countless hours reliving their childhood.  Then, they started to ask me why I didn't blog anymore and when am I going to finish the Project Life books for probably 2015 and 2016.....all the questions!!!!  They told me they really loved reading Thankful Thursday and Tuesday's Tidbits, etc.

I have lots of reasons why I haven't blogged, some of them valid, some of them less valid perhaps. I think like all things, it has perhaps mostly been a matter of priority.  While blogging has never been my greatest strength, I am so thankful for the years that I blogged that allowed me record what surely would have been lost in the depths of my barely existent memory.  I certainly love that the boys get such joy reading the stories of their early days--they were pretty entertaining little ones.

This week the boys have been out gall…

This guy

A few weeks ago, they did a vision screening at school and William came home with a paper saying he had failed a portion of it and we needed to follow up with an eye doctor.  I couldn't believe it! They had their vision checked last year in January and didn't have any issues and he certainly hadn't been complaining of not being able to see.  That weekend, we happened to run into their eye doctor (who is also the dad of a classmate) at a restaurant and kind of mentioned it to him.  If I am being honest, I was hoping for him to say, "oh, those tests are often wrong--he is probably fine".  Instead, he said, you should probably bring him in.  So, we made an appointment and headed in last week.

As we sat in the room and they started showing him rows of letters to say, which he clearly could not see or identify, he casually mentions, "yeah, this is exactly like it is at school when I can't see the board!"  Apparently, he forgot to mention that to dear ol…

April 25: Chocolate Cake Day

I remember it just like it was yesterday.  Sitting in my in-laws' house on a Tuesday night trying to pass the time by watching television and seeing someone eat cake.  Mmmmm...that looks good, Micah and I said to one another.  So, we got up to check my mother in law's pantry to see if she happened to have any ingredients to whip up a cake.  She had a box of Hershey's Cocoa with a recipe for Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake on the label.  Sure enough, she had all the ingredients and we worked together to make that cake.  After it baked, we couldn't quite wait for it to cool and so we made the icing and spread (or maybe poured) it on the still warm cake eager to indulge ourselves.

The next day, mid-morning and the boys are sleeping.  We are back to sitting and watching a Project Runway Marathon, still waiting.  I guess we could have a piece of cake?  Why not, we are just waiting.  The phone rings about 11:30 and I go out on the patio to answer it in quiet.  I hear the…

Wednesday's Words

Our Wednesday after school routine usually consists of running into our local Sprouts  (because of double ad Wednesday) and then stopping by QT for a fountain drink.  We started the QT for a drink a couple of years ago when I was trying to make an effort to develop some traditions in our weeks. It is a small thing, but the boys always look forward to it.  One day not long ago, Xavier says to me "there is just nothing better than getting home on Wednesday, curling up in the recliner with a good book and sipping on my Coke"--which totally cracked me up.

Today, we had a friend from school/church with us and he remarked that there were a lot of students hanging out at the QT (which happens to be right across from our town's high school).  There are always students hanging out there, but there did seem to be quite a few more today.  So, we talked a little about the proximity to school, etc.  And William says, "Man, they must be really good workers!........because they al…

old friends

Weekend before last, Micah and I left the boys with his mom and headed out to Phoenix, AZ to visit some very dear friends.  While I was trying to explain to a co-worker who we were going to see and why we were such great friends, I began to realize that we had been friends for close to 16 years--which takes us back to before they had any kiddos (now they have 4), before Micah and I were married or even dating, back to when we were still in college.  We moved overseas together (and back again), lived an incredible amount of life together, experienced some really great highs along with some pretty devastating lows.   We often say that our friendships on our team on the field somewhat ruined us for regular friendships because we know now how great and how precious close friendships can be.  For a while we were lulled into thinking that type of friendship was the norm and easily accomplished. Hindsight, which you know, is 20/20.  Looking back now, I know that we poured a lot of time and e…