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I am so thankful that today is Friday and is bringing this week to an end. It has been a really difficult week with the boys, but last night and today has been so much better and I am hoping that it will carry on into the weekend and next week. Last night as I was talking to Micah, I think I did make a realization that is helping me somehow. Everyone I have talked to has told me that, yeah, two was rough, but was nothing compared to three. This, of course, never ceased to encourage me when I was going through those terrible two stages. :) Anyway, as we were talking last night, though, I just realized, you know what? They are at a really hard age and everyone I know has only had one of them at that age--so, I am facing a really hard age with TWO at the same hard age!! Maybe I should cut myself a little slack.... Of course, it also helps that they miraculously seemed to turn a corner on a lot of the little things that we have been battling this week. In an effort to make sure th…

End of my rope

For avid readers of my sister Melissa's blog, you have heard her reference this website before--Internet Cafe Devotions.  I just finished reading Melissa's blog and for some reason decided to click on that website and was so glad that I did.  This has been not just a bad day with the boys, but pretty much a bad week.  They went to bed this afternoon with me being pretty convinced that I am just not fit to even be a mother because I was so frustrated.  It has just been everything and nothing, but let's just say that I am a pretty discouraged parent at the moment and feeling absolutely at the end of my rope.  So, when I clicked over and read that post, it was a much needed reminder that I have more often than I would like to admit perhaps put my heavenly Father at the end of His rope and yet, not once has He given up on me.  The boys are still sleeping and so I am going to go and try to have my quiet time that I missed this morning since I forgot to set my alarm.  If anyone …


I think that we are finally coming out from under this nasty bug that our family seemed to have. It has been rough, let me tell you. The boys seem to have escaped the worst of it, physically speaking. Of course, I would like to blame my lack of patience and extreme frustration with them these last few days on the fact that I haven't been feeling well. In reality, I think they are just definitely coming into their "threes" and it has been rough. They just seem to be into everything these days, particularly disobedient, and just downright ornery! When they look at you while they are doing something they know they are not supposed to, it really challenges your sense of 'calm' in life. So, yesterday morning, in my quiet time, I started reviewing some of the things that I had underlined in a book called Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas and I wrote this on a card:
"Christian parenting is truly a sacred journey. It invites us parents to purify ourselves, to us…

Patience is a virtue

This is not a virtue that I seem to possess today, but it is a virtue.

And with that little nugget of wisdom, I am just going to leave you with a few layouts.

Confession Time

It is confession time for me.  Micah has been sick for the last week and a half really.  And to be honest, I was not the most sympathetic.  I just thought that he had the same bug that I did, which wasn't a lot of fun, but it wasn't that bad either.  So, although I did my best to baby him and take care of him, in the back of my mind, I was thinking....."come on, buck up, you can't really feel that badly!"  Well, I think I found out just how badly he was feeling because starting Wednesday afternoon and through this morning, I pretty much felt like a truck had hit me.  I was achy all over, I really thought I was going to cough up a lung, and I had no energy.  So, I began to feel a bit guilty for not having more sympathy for Micah.  All of this guilt was only made worse because he was really sweet to me.  He made me soup, he took care of the boys.  After I crawled back in bed yesterday morning while he was in the shower, he called his mom and asked if she could come…

Good news

I got a phone call today from my surgeon telling me that all was good--to go ahead and use the steriod creme that my oncologist prescribed, because what I have is dermatitis.  I'll be honest and say it was a relief to hear a confirmation that all was well.  Not that we were expecting bad news, but you know how it goes when you are waiting to hear something--you start a whole lot of "what if" conversations in your head.
I am still coughing and not feeling well, but Micah is currently in the kitchen fixing soup for us.  I guess it is pay back time for all last week when he was sick and I was taking care of him!
Thanks so much for praying for us.  We appreciate it so much!

Biscuit Cutter

That is how my punch biopsy was done.  Well, not an actual biscuit cutter, but a small 4 mm surgical one that is sharp enough to cut through tough radiated skin.  I was waiting to update in the case that I heard the results, but my surgeon called as she was on her way home and still no results, so I should hear something sometime tomorrow afternoon.  She did alleviate some of our fears by telling us that she really thinks that it is just changes to my skin from radiation.  She also made me feel better by telling us that we did the right thing, that we aren't psycho--we noticed changes and so we called her--that is exactly what we are supposed to do.  
The bad news today is that I seem to have developed what ever gunk Micah has been fighting this past week.  I have just progressively felt worse today and have started having a very productive cough--yuck!! I know that may have been too much information...
Will update tomorrow when I hear back.


Just wanted to post a quick update.  First, thank you all so much for the prayers, phone calls, and comments.  Everyone has been so sweet.   I ended up talking to my surgeon tonight and she is going to go ahead and do a procedure called a punch biopsy tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.   I really struggled with whether or not to go ahead and have the biopsy done right away, but after talking to my surgeon who has also become a very sweet friend, Micah and I decided that it would be good to have it done.  We will know the results within 24 hours for which we are thankful.  
I did get a chance to scrap a little tonight. This is a picture of William when he was only 7 months old!! Look how sweet he is!

Oh, the drama!

Everyone that I have talked to has told me that part of being a breast cancer survivor is the psychosis that goes with it.  You have a headache two days in a row and your mind immediately starts to think, 'what if I have a brain tumor?'  You forget things and your mind goes to the same thing.  Any time, there is an ache that you haven't noticed before, you start to wonder if this is the time that your cancer has come back.  I really don't know that I can fully explain it all, because in some ways, to understand you have to have lived it.  More days and more moments than I really like to admit, my thoughts go to wondering when and where my cancer may return.  I hesitate sharing some of this because I never want people to think that I am not trusting God's healing and protection or that I am ungrateful for what He has already done for me.  When I have moments of fear, I immediately begin reminding myself of Scripture and assuring myself that even if my cancer does co…

Happy Valentime's Day

Yes, I know that it is actually Valentine's Day, but I always get cracked up when people say Valentime's. Our day has been pretty quiet. Micah's parents have started picking the boys up on Saturday mornings and taking them out for breakfast. I honestly don't think I can express just how wonderful this has been. It has only been two Saturdays, but it has been bliss! At the BOK Center that they just built in Tulsa, they were having a Skate Date--which is basically, they were having ice skating on the big arena ice.  I have been wanting to go ice skating with Micah pretty much since we started dating.  I love to watch ice skating on television and it is usually pretty disappointing when I actually go skating because no matter how effortless figure skaters make it look, the fact remains that it is NOT without great effort!  But, the fact remains that I still have been wanting to go.  And this Valentime's Day was going to be the perfect opportunity.  Micah's par…

Nursing home visit

This is what I had envisioned....going to the nursing home (which was actually more like an assisted living complex), the boys charming everyone with their big blue eyes, walking up to everyone, talking, politely handing out cookies, etc. It was going to be the most adorable thing ever!

Reality: we walk in the door to the room where the party is, the boys take one look in and immediately start trying to hide behind me, under the table, closing their eyes (because, you know, that means you're not there!) and refuse to talk or do anything remotely charming. We finally coerced them into going and sitting down in a chair by giving them a cookie, which they proceeded to eat and completely ignore the sweet ladies who were talking to them. Then, one of the men from our church asks me if I play the, yes (thinking to myself, if only I had been practicing). So, they want me to play some hymns. The boys really were not about being left to themselves at that point and as I a…


Every time I think that I am starting to get a bit more technologically savvy, I find something that just really shouldn't be as hard as I am probably making it. Take for instance this will notice that I am slowly starting to 'decorate' it. And I say slowly, because, basically, I can't figure any of it out. All of this html business is just a tad confusing. So, if you will just bear with me while I learn.

Last night at church, our AWANA group went to visit an assisted living facility for the elderly and took Valentines that we had made the week before. Now, to be honest, I was more than scared, because in general, these 30+ third through fifth graders and WILD!! I mean they are just bouncing off the walls from the moment they get there at 6:30 until 8:00 when their parents come and rescue us. But, I was so proud of them last night. They went in and sat down at the tables with the people who had come, visited with them, served them drinks and snacks, a…

Random Thoughts

I guess most of you know by now that you never really know what you are going to hear about when you come to my blog--that is probably because I never really know what I am going to say! :) There are moments in my days when I think, I seriously need to blog about this, but then when I sit down to write, I can never quite remember what was so pressing that I NEEDED to let everyone know my thoughts on it.

I did have an interesting thing happen on Saturday. I had been waiting for the mail because I was fairly sure that my latest batch of scrapbook pages were going to be delivered and I was eager to look at them. I LOVE to get them printed because every single time I get them in the mail and put them in my books, I realize again why I love (read: obsessed!) with scrapbooking: first, because I have the cutest boys in the world and second, because they are precious memories. The boys have even gotten where they really like to look at them with me and occasionally, we will pull the alb…


This weekend has been busy and to top it off, I am not feeling very well this morning. I started getting a cold on Saturday and by yesterday afternoon was feeling badly enough to actually go and take a nap, which I NEVER do since I have such trouble sleeping at night. This morning, I just feel cloggy, which is not my favorite!

There is good news on the potty training front, Xavier for the most part is trained. He has been consistently going in the potty--no. 1 & 2!--for the last week. William, on the other hand, really seem uninterested. I can't tell you how tired I am of cleaning poo out of underwear. He just doesn't seem very concerned about actually going in the potty. I am hoping to have a breakthrough this week. So far, nothing that we have done to give him incentive has actually worked.

I was feeling so badly on Sunday that I didn't even scrap--which really must mean I was sick. So, there are no new layouts to post. Hopefully at some point this week,…

First Post

Okay, who would have thought that setting up a blog there were so many decisions to make--what color, what font, what gadget do you want to add. I guess as I go along, I will learn more about blogger and maybe even learn how to make a really cute header and background and such, but for now, we are going plain jane! I am making the switch to a blogspot account and away from our family's website because we don't have as much need for a family one anymore and basically my page was the only one ever getting updated anyway, so it really wasn't worth paying to host it anymore. And, I am hoping that this one will be much easier to maintain. You may even hear from me more than once a week! :)

Since I am just trying to get this thing going. I am going to go ahead and post it and we will see how it goes! Oh and here is a page I did last night!