Biscuit Cutter

That is how my punch biopsy was done.  Well, not an actual biscuit cutter, but a small 4 mm surgical one that is sharp enough to cut through tough radiated skin.  I was waiting to update in the case that I heard the results, but my surgeon called as she was on her way home and still no results, so I should hear something sometime tomorrow afternoon.  She did alleviate some of our fears by telling us that she really thinks that it is just changes to my skin from radiation.  She also made me feel better by telling us that we did the right thing, that we aren't psycho--we noticed changes and so we called her--that is exactly what we are supposed to do.  

The bad news today is that I seem to have developed what ever gunk Micah has been fighting this past week.  I have just progressively felt worse today and have started having a very productive cough--yuck!! I know that may have been too much information...

Will update tomorrow when I hear back.


LaCombe said…
Becky, I am anxious to hear the results, but am Praying hard for you! Keep us posted. Very cute pictures you are posting! Your boys are soooo cute!!!! You have been Blessed! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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