End of my rope

For avid readers of my sister Melissa's blog, you have heard her reference this website before--Internet Cafe Devotions.  I just finished reading Melissa's blog and for some reason decided to click on that website and was so glad that I did.  This has been not just a bad day with the boys, but pretty much a bad week.  They went to bed this afternoon with me being pretty convinced that I am just not fit to even be a mother because I was so frustrated.  It has just been everything and nothing, but let's just say that I am a pretty discouraged parent at the moment and feeling absolutely at the end of my rope.  So, when I clicked over and read that post, it was a much needed reminder that I have more often than I would like to admit perhaps put my heavenly Father at the end of His rope and yet, not once has He given up on me.  The boys are still sleeping and so I am going to go and try to have my quiet time that I missed this morning since I forgot to set my alarm.  If anyone has any suggestions for not losing your mind while raising twin 3 year old boys, now would be the time to share, because I am afraid that my mind is trying to get lost! :)


Anonymous said…
Stay strong Becky!!! It gets easier. Goodness knows, I don't have twins, but I do have a few kids. :-) Three is a hard age, but critical! Stand firm. They are testing you. It is that sinful nature they (and we) were born with. I have no doubt you are training them up with the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank goodness they don't remember a lot of our "sinfulness". I pray all the time for the Lord to please cover my inadequecies. He will and if anything else, they will see our failures and our determination to still keep pressing on even when we mess up, and learn about the grace our Father gives us everyday. Enjoy their naptimes. :-)
Sara W.
The Morgans said…
Maybe the "end of your rope" is just where God wants you to be. It is at our end that He can begin!
Riggs Tribe said…
Hey Becky! I clicked on the Internet Cafe devotions on Melissa's blog and I loved it too. I enjoy reading your blog! I know my girls are not twins but since they are only 8 months apart it sure feels like I have twins most days. Praying for you guys.
Katie Renz said…
Hi Becky! Background here: I came via the DigiChick site because Nicole had e-mailed me about her new hybrid site that she is starting. I am literally just getting my teeny tiny toe wet via the whole hybrid digital "thing". I know absolutely nothing other than the basic paper stuff. I haven't introduced myself on the message board yet - I've just been reading... so now that you know how I got to you... I started reading and saw that you have twin 3 year old boys - Well, guess what??? I have a set of 3 year old twin boys too. They turned 3 in November so I totally feel your angst. I also have a 9 year old boy and that is a whole other component as well.

So, nice to "meet" you :)

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