First Post

Okay, who would have thought that setting up a blog there were so many decisions to make--what color, what font, what gadget do you want to add. I guess as I go along, I will learn more about blogger and maybe even learn how to make a really cute header and background and such, but for now, we are going plain jane! I am making the switch to a blogspot account and away from our family's website because we don't have as much need for a family one anymore and basically my page was the only one ever getting updated anyway, so it really wasn't worth paying to host it anymore. And, I am hoping that this one will be much easier to maintain. You may even hear from me more than once a week! :)

Since I am just trying to get this thing going. I am going to go ahead and post it and we will see how it goes! Oh and here is a page I did last night!


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