Happy Valentime's Day

Yes, I know that it is actually Valentine's Day, but I always get cracked up when people say Valentime's. Our day has been pretty quiet. Micah's parents have started picking the boys up on Saturday mornings and taking them out for breakfast. I honestly don't think I can express just how wonderful this has been. It has only been two Saturdays, but it has been bliss! At the BOK Center that they just built in Tulsa, they were having a Skate Date--which is basically, they were having ice skating on the big arena ice.  I have been wanting to go ice skating with Micah pretty much since we started dating.  I love to watch ice skating on television and it is usually pretty disappointing when I actually go skating because no matter how effortless figure skaters make it look, the fact remains that it is NOT without great effort!  But, the fact remains that I still have been wanting to go.  And this Valentime's Day was going to be the perfect opportunity.  Micah's parents were going to watch the boys. We were going to go this morning, have  lunch and be home this afternoon.  Well, that head cold that I had last weekend, Micah now has and, just like always, Micah's cold is much worse than mine was.  So, we decided to forego the ice skating.  I was very sad, but in Micah's defense, he really does not feel good and I know that skating around in a freezing cold arena would not have been fun for him.  We did run to a store to make a quick return and got lunch, but were back home by 12:00.  Oh, and Micah did get me a purse for Valentime's Day--he prefers to get me purses as opposed to flowers and who am I to tell him no?

This layout is completely not Valentime, but I got it done this afternoon!


LaCombe said…
So sorry you didn't get to skate, maybe next weekend! Glad that you had a great Valentine day, as did I! You are doing a great job on this site. I love it. Have a wonderful week! Think about you a lot and Pray for you daily! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Melissa said…
And where's the picture of the purse?
Julie said…
Your blog is very cute! I'm glad you had a good V day...even with out the iceskating! Have a great week and see you at TDC!

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