This weekend has been busy and to top it off, I am not feeling very well this morning. I started getting a cold on Saturday and by yesterday afternoon was feeling badly enough to actually go and take a nap, which I NEVER do since I have such trouble sleeping at night. This morning, I just feel cloggy, which is not my favorite!

There is good news on the potty training front, Xavier for the most part is trained. He has been consistently going in the potty--no. 1 & 2!--for the last week. William, on the other hand, really seem uninterested. I can't tell you how tired I am of cleaning poo out of underwear. He just doesn't seem very concerned about actually going in the potty. I am hoping to have a breakthrough this week. So far, nothing that we have done to give him incentive has actually worked.

I was feeling so badly on Sunday that I didn't even scrap--which really must mean I was sick. So, there are no new layouts to post. Hopefully at some point this week, I will work on making my blog prettier--no guarantees or anything! :)

Happy Monday!


Amy said…
Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with the potty-training...maybe William will get the hang of it this week. I know it will make your life much easier and cheaper to have them both out of diapers!
brian said…
My favorite sentence on your new blog so far, "I can't tell you how tired I am of cleaning poo out of underwear." I'm not looking forward to those days with Rory. I do have memories of cleaning poo out of my own underwear (obviously I was too old to being going poo in my underwear if my dear mother was making ME clean them out). So my advice on William?...Put off potty training until he is old enough to clean his own undies!
Kathy LaCombe said…
Love the Name you gave your Blog! Very Cute! Wishing you luck with Wiliam, but I am sue once he catches on, he won't look back! I Pray you are feeling better soon and I always Pray for your Health. Hope you can get to Nashville soon, and maybe we can have lunch while you are here. Love and Prayers

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