Nursing home visit

This is what I had envisioned....going to the nursing home (which was actually more like an assisted living complex), the boys charming everyone with their big blue eyes, walking up to everyone, talking, politely handing out cookies, etc. It was going to be the most adorable thing ever!

Reality: we walk in the door to the room where the party is, the boys take one look in and immediately start trying to hide behind me, under the table, closing their eyes (because, you know, that means you're not there!) and refuse to talk or do anything remotely charming. We finally coerced them into going and sitting down in a chair by giving them a cookie, which they proceeded to eat and completely ignore the sweet ladies who were talking to them. Then, one of the men from our church asks me if I play the, yes (thinking to myself, if only I had been practicing). So, they want me to play some hymns. The boys really were not about being left to themselves at that point and as I am playing (and thanking the Lord for His divine guidance to my hands since it had been so long since I have played out of a hymnal), the boys begin to literally climb all over me, trying to get as close to me as possible--it was great! :) So, then, some of the other ladies ask if they can give them another cookie, which of course keeps them quiet. So, all of that to say, I have absolutely no idea how many cookies they had in that 1 hour span--I am guessing a minimum of three each. As I was driving home, I thought to myself, I wonder if this was my mom when we were little since she always played the piano as well. Then, I realized probably not, we would never have dreamed of acting that badly. Oh well, I am trying to quit comparing myself to other moms, because that is really going no where. While I may "measure up" to some, I can never be a better mom than everyone else, so I have to learn to be secure in the knowledge that I am trying hard and doing the best that I can. And Beth Moore taught us this week that comparison is born of insecurity and we need to find our security in Christ. So, this week, I have been trying to remember that what is important in my mothering skills is that I am striving to honor my Lord by the way that I parent. My way may look different than another's way, but it doesn't really matter, because if my God is pleased, then that is all the affirmation that I need. Sometimes, that is easier to remember in theory than in practice, but I am trying to remember that this week!

Here are a couple of layouts that I have done in the last couple of days! Happy Friday the 13th! :)


gabs said…
thanks for sharing a part of your life! love your layouts and your new blog-outfit looks really great!
Melissa said…
That's a very good way to look at mothering! And, no, I'm pretty sure we never acted that way cause mom wouldn't have allowed it! :)

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