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I guess most of you know by now that you never really know what you are going to hear about when you come to my blog--that is probably because I never really know what I am going to say! :) There are moments in my days when I think, I seriously need to blog about this, but then when I sit down to write, I can never quite remember what was so pressing that I NEEDED to let everyone know my thoughts on it.

I did have an interesting thing happen on Saturday. I had been waiting for the mail because I was fairly sure that my latest batch of scrapbook pages were going to be delivered and I was eager to look at them. I LOVE to get them printed because every single time I get them in the mail and put them in my books, I realize again why I love (read: obsessed!) with scrapbooking: first, because I have the cutest boys in the world and second, because they are precious memories. The boys have even gotten where they really like to look at them with me and occasionally, we will pull the albums off the shelf and together we will go through them and I will tell them the stories of the pictures--if that doesn't motivate you, i don't know what will! Anyway, I digress....so, we had put the boys to bed and I had left the front door open so that I could see through the storm door when the mail came. Next thing I know, I had gone down the hallway to check on the boys and I hear a honk and Micah tells me that my pictures are here. I go to the door and I kid you not, the mail lady (who is not our normal lady!) is sitting in her car with my package held out the window and she was waiting for me to walk out there to get it. Then, I get out there, and she says "this wouldn't fit in your mailbox--you've got more in your box!" and drives off. I just thought it was so weird. She had honked for us to come out and get it and then she didn't even have the courtesy to hold all of our mail together, but had thrown the mail that fit into the box. I am not sure what she was going to do if we hadn't been home. My theory is that she would have tried to stuff my pictures in the box because that is what happened the last time I had some delivered. Anyway, before you all think that I am just lazy and wouldn't go and get my own mail, I just want to say that I have absolutely no problem walking out to get my mail, I just have never had that exact experience before and it made me appreciate my regular mail lady all the more!

Wow! that was one long story! Tuesday mornings I go to a Bible study at church and we are doing Beth Moore's newest study Esther. It has been so good so far. One of my favorite things is that each week we watch a video of Beth teaching the lesson and let me tell you, if you have never heard this woman teach, you need to!! She really is amazing--she just has such a passion for the Lord and for His word and such a humility that God would love her and use her and she just communicates that so well.

I did manage to scrap some yesterday! You have seen some of these pictures already, but here is the page from the boys' birthday!


Amy said…
I'm doing the Esther study right now at church too. Beth IS awesome. I have done at least 7 of her Bible studies and they just get better and better. She has helped me deepen my love for God's Word so much in the last few years. I'm glad you are getting the chance to do one of her studies. We are on week 8 in Esther and I'm so sad that it's almost over.

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