Every time I think that I am starting to get a bit more technologically savvy, I find something that just really shouldn't be as hard as I am probably making it. Take for instance this will notice that I am slowly starting to 'decorate' it. And I say slowly, because, basically, I can't figure any of it out. All of this html business is just a tad confusing. So, if you will just bear with me while I learn.

Last night at church, our AWANA group went to visit an assisted living facility for the elderly and took Valentines that we had made the week before. Now, to be honest, I was more than scared, because in general, these 30+ third through fifth graders and WILD!! I mean they are just bouncing off the walls from the moment they get there at 6:30 until 8:00 when their parents come and rescue us. But, I was so proud of them last night. They went in and sat down at the tables with the people who had come, visited with them, served them drinks and snacks, and then played Bingo with them. And, if one of the kids happened to get Bingo, they immediately gave their little prize to one of the people at there table. It was just so sweet and I was really proud of them.

Today, the women's group at our church is going to a nursing home to hand out some Valentine's cookies and so I am taking the boys along to let them hand some out as well. I am very excited about it and hope that they do well. Speaking of the boys, they have been acting like they have a secret stash of sugar--they have been so hyper and just silly. They were up at 6:30 this morning with the light on in their room playing with their toys. They jumped sky-high when I walked in and told them that it was not time to get up yet. Of course by then, they were already awake and they just laid in their beds and talked until 7 (which, in my opinion, is a much more reasonable time to wake up!).


Amy said…
I think your blog looks great. I think it is all confusing too. Anytime I am trying something new I just google it and usually I can find a how-to.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my waiting post! It made me smile. I'm so thankful for you, Becky.

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