Just wanted to post a quick update.  First, thank you all so much for the prayers, phone calls, and comments.  Everyone has been so sweet.   I ended up talking to my surgeon tonight and she is going to go ahead and do a procedure called a punch biopsy tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.   I really struggled with whether or not to go ahead and have the biopsy done right away, but after talking to my surgeon who has also become a very sweet friend, Micah and I decided that it would be good to have it done.  We will know the results within 24 hours for which we are thankful.  

I did get a chance to scrap a little tonight. This is a picture of William when he was only 7 months old!! Look how sweet he is!


Amy said…
Still praying. Give me an update as soon as you know something.
Love you!

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