I think that we are finally coming out from under this nasty bug that our family seemed to have. It has been rough, let me tell you. The boys seem to have escaped the worst of it, physically speaking. Of course, I would like to blame my lack of patience and extreme frustration with them these last few days on the fact that I haven't been feeling well. In reality, I think they are just definitely coming into their "threes" and it has been rough. They just seem to be into everything these days, particularly disobedient, and just downright ornery! When they look at you while they are doing something they know they are not supposed to, it really challenges your sense of 'calm' in life. So, yesterday morning, in my quiet time, I started reviewing some of the things that I had underlined in a book called Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas and I wrote this on a card:
"Christian parenting is truly a sacred journey. It invites us parents to purify ourselves, to use the process of raising kids to perfect holiness, and to do this consistently, every day, out of reverence for God."
This quote completely convicts me about why I parent and how I should respond to them--I need to be working hard at being a good Christian mommy out of reverence for God not because I love being a mom and get a deep sense of fulfillment out of taking care of my boys, but because I love God and He is using the process of raising Xavier and William to perfect holiness in me. Sometimes, it is all about perspective, isn't it?

We are playing countless games of Candyland these days. I am becoming well informed on just where on the board the gum drop, the candy cane, the gingerbread man, etc are placed. Of course, the boys haven't really grasped the idea of winning and losing and just when they are about to win (and I am rejoicing because the game is almost over), and they get a card that sends them ALL the way back to the beginning of the board, they think it is like the best thing ever!!! It really is hard for me to sit and play games with them like that--is that horrible of me? I know that it is good for them and of course, there is that whole "perfecting holiness" thing I just talked about, so, I guess I will be pulling out Candyland again today!

I am sure that there are some funny stories to tell, but I can't think of any at the moment, but I will try to post some fun things soon.

One last random thing, is anyone else a bit disturbed by the number of airplane crashes recently? I just turned on the news and saw the crash in Turkey with the plane in three pieces. It is kind of scary! Of course, it also doesn't help that we are big LOST fans and so every Wednesday night we focus our attention on a big plane crash (yes, I know that that one is pure fiction!), so maybe that is making them seem more prevalent.


Amy said…
Hang in there, Becky. I know you are a good mommy and the Lord will honor the hard work and training you are doing. I love Lost also and wish I had someone to discuss it with. Mitchell doesn't like it...he's never gotten over the polar bear in the jungle and likes to bring it up everytime I watch Lost!
Melissa said…
Oh, way to make the rest of us feel bad by pulling out the Sacred Parenting book. I just need to pull out Scream Free Parenting again. LOL

And, yes! Way too many plane crashes. I'm kinda glad we have no flight plans in the near (or distant actually) future.
Elizabeth said…
Your welcome for getting them Candyland! I'm glad they enjoy it so much!!!!

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