And, he's off!

I got this picture of Micah before he left this morning! Doesn't he look handsome?  He didn't sleep great last night, but we are both feeling pretty calm about the whole thing.  I am sure that he will have some nerves kick in while he is there, but I know that he will do well.  I am just so proud of him--I never knew how difficult it was to even get to this point in applying to med school.  We have just been overwhelmed by the support that we have received from friends and family.  It was fun to be in our Sunday School class last Sunday as we shared the news that he had an interview.  They were so excited for him--they have certainly walked this road with us and we are so thankful for them and for our church!
We are headed to the Oklahoma Aquarium today with my mother-in-law and my nephew. The boys are really excited to see the sharks and the fish.  

Another quick funny story from yesterday.  Linda and I took the boys to the mall to play in the germ pit since it was so cold outside and they needed to get some energy out.  Well, when we got home, I was putting the boys to bed and in an effort to prolong the actual going to sleep part, they wanted to say prayers.  And even though I knew that they just wanted to put off going to bed, who am I to tell a 3 year old that we can't pray before naptime?  They have just started praying on their own and it really is precious to hear what they say.  William says this: "Dear Jesus, thank you for mommy and grandma and the mall, thank for play and that kid, thank you for little boys, in Jesus name, A-mayn."  I am not sure how to write amen phonetically the way he says it, but suffice it to say that it is with a southern, and hopefully not too okie of an accent!

Tomorrow, our dear friend Jackie from Nashville is coming in to spend a few days with us.  We can't wait to see her and catch up, so I may be a bit scarce on the blog. Here is a layout I scrapped last night with pictures from December when we painted ornaments for Micah's mom.


Melissa said…
I'm not sure I've seen Micah in a suit since your wedding!

Have fun with Jackie!
Amy said…
Becky, I read your comment from today and so wished we lived closer too. It would be so much fun to bake together. As for the granola didn't turn out that well. The last few times I haven't been very pleased with it and always think the next time will be better. Today the bottom of it burned and it has an awful burnt taste. So I am looking for a new recipe. Please share yours when you have a chance. My friend's little girl is somewhat better. She hasn't had any seizures in the last day and a half so they are hoping they are done for now. But I'm not sure the drs know what is causing them. They've said medicine or cerebral palsy or the prematurity. So I'm afraid this could happen again at any time until they figure out what is really causing them. Thanks for asking about her. Hope you have a fun weekend with Jackie. Tell her I said hello.

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