Finally Friday

This week for some reason has been extremely busy.  We had such a great visit with Jackie and it was just so much fun for us to have an 'old' friend in town who we know, who knows us, our history, who knew us before cancer, etc.  We are thankful for the new friends we are making here in Oklahoma, but there is definitely something special about old friends.   

The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful.  And because of that we have literally spent almost every waking moment outside.  The boys are really loving being outdoors and let's face it, I love them being outdoors as well!  They run around all day, playing hard and fall into bed exhausted at night, never once getting up.  We had a zoo trip this week as well as went to a really big playground in town called Funtastic Island.  It is the biggest play area I have ever seen and while it is really fun for the boys, it is starting to get a big crazy for me since it isn't necessarily easy to keep an eye on both of them at the same time.  They are starting to be little daredevils as well, so I have found myself trying to protect them, but yet still encourage the adventuresome spirit that is found in boys.  

We also are working on planting a small garden this year.  Micah has been on spring break and his dad has been so great to let him off early this week (it's great working for your dad!) so that we could spend some time getting the garden spot ready. Our neighbor was so kind as well and brought us a load of dirt from a work site where he is working.  He is planting a garden as well and had actually brought the dirt home for himself, but when he pulled up, we started talking and since our little patch was already prepared, he just gave us that load and brought some more for himself yesterday.  We haven't really had much chance to get to know our neighbors very well, so this was a really good opportunity for Micah to get to visit with him.

One last quick thing...I am speaking at a women's meeting next week and have been studying and preparing the last few weeks.  But this morning, I discovered something that I just think is so wonderful.  Since I took Hermeneutics (study of Biblical interpretation) back in Bible College and learned how to do word studies using an exhaustive concordance (where you can look up the Hebrew/Greek words and then find out how those same words were translated in other verses), I have loved doing this.  It doesn't always give me a huge understanding of a Scripture, but it often does give me a deeper, clearer understanding of a verse.  The theme for the meeting is "A Time for Everything" and the Scripture is Ecclesiastes 3:1-11--the classic time for everything passage.  In verse 11, it says that "He has made everything appropriate in its time."  So, I did a little word study on appropriate and discovered that appropriate is also translated beautiful/handsome, as in 'she was very beautiful and fair', 'her face was beautiful', 'he was handsome', etc.--all of them relating to appearance.  So, as I was thinking and praying about that Scripture in light of what I had just read in my word study, I was reminded of the reassurance and comfort that comes from knowing that God makes everything (even really hard, difficult, painful, ugly things) beautiful in its time.  He takes our brokenness and turns it into something that is beautiful.  What hope we have in our God!

Okay, that turned into a not very quick thought, but you know I am kind of wordy! :)
Here is a page I got done yesterday from a few years ago.  


Amy said…
Thanks for the reminder of how God is making things beautiful...even when I can't see what's going on.
I'm ready to get started on our garden,too. I'm already thinking about how good all the fresh veggies will be this summer. Now, if it will just get warm! I'm tired of wearing a coat.:)
listgirl said…
Thanks for the scripture and beautiful message Becky!

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