I love Daylight Savings Time

I have decided that I love daylight savings time. It is almost 10 after 7 and my boys are still sleeping!! This comes after a week of them being up and ready to go around 6:15. I am up at 6:15, but I am not ready for them to be up. I like to consider that my time that I can read my Bible, do my Bible study, memorize my verses, drink my coffee, check my websites--do you notice all of the "my" in those activities. When there are two little boys literally running around the house, it does make it a bit a difficult.

We had a great day at church yesterday, but when we got home, Xavier kept hitting at his ear and telling me that it hurt. I gave him some tylenol before his nap, but he woke up screaming in pain and pulling at his ear, we got him to sleep again, but he woke up again crying and telling me his ear hurt. I think it is so much worse when they are telling you that they hurt. It just broke my heart knowing I couldn't really do anything for him. So, I put him in the car and took him over to Pa-Pa Dale's house where he checked Xavier's ears and discovered that he had ear infections in both ears. He prescribed an antibiotic and hopefully he will be feeling better today. I do love having a doctor in the family!

And I scrapped yesterday! I actually am pretty happy with how this one turned out. It had been a rough couple of weeks with the boys, so I needed something to remind me of all the things that were important!

And I thought I would put a bigger picture of the one I used in the layout, because, well, I just think it is way cute!

We had some leftover baguette bread from Panera from the weekend, so I made an overnight French Toast recipe that is baking now and smells really yummy!! I hope it is as good as it smells!


LaCombe said…
Your Boys are just sooo Cute!!! They each have their own look and are just so adoreable! Makes me want to just reach into that picture and give them a Big Hug! Hope Xavier's ear is better today! Continued Prayers for you and your family1 Miss ya! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Anonymous said…
I NEED this picture!!! It is so cute. I miss you guys. Love, Mom
listgirl said…
That is such a cute photo, and your processing is perfect for it. I like your morning routine, it sounds peaceful before the boys wake up.

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