It went great!

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that the interview went great yesterday. Micah felt really good about the questions they asked and the answers that he gave. He was the very last one to be interviewed and it really worked out to his advantage because it allowed him to get all the nervous jitters out as he waited and when he went in, he was just calm and ready to talk. They asked him a lot of questions about his life and how he handles stress and why he wanted to be a physician. He felt really good about his rapport with the interviewers and we heard later from a friend who is a physician there that called and talked to the interviewers that Micah did very well and made a good impression. Of course, I was not surprised at all--Micah really has the ability to charm people and he makes a very good impression. He is just genuine and I think that people can tell that when they meet him and interact with him. So, now we wait.... we should hear something within the next two weeks.

Jackie made it in and it has been so much fun to see her and visit with her.


LaCombe said…
Praying for a good answer for Micah. He would be a great Doctor! Prayers and Love, Kathy
Babbling Brooke said…
So glad the interview went well! We will anxiously be waiting to hear when they call. Look, I can now comment!! It might've been my computer. Random, but will you guys be at the national this year?

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