Puzzles are my new best friend

We have a new love at our house--puzzles. The boys have always enjoyed doing puzzles, but until the last couple of months had only had the kind where you match the shape and put it into the corresponding place on a wooden board. It wasn't really the type where you have to work to figure out where the individual pieces go and how they fit together. My sister for the boys' birthday bought them some 24 piece puzzles that have really large pieces and we began working on them. It really only took a couple of times for me to help them that they got the hang of it and just love playing with them. So, when I went to a consignment sale a few weeks ago, I picked up several more for $1 a piece. On Tuesday, I was folding laundry and fixing dinner and I had gotten the puzzles out for them to put together. I kid you not, they worked on those puzzles for 2 1/2 hours straight and would have kept going except it was time for dinner! They were so focused and quiet--which in my world is always a cause for concern--that I ran back to their room to check on them several times to make sure they weren't into anything they weren't supposed to be, but sure enough, they were just diligently working on their puzzles. It is very sweet and kind of funny to listen to them: "hmmm, let's try this one, is this a straight edge? (which, by the way, I still don't think they understand!), sure, that's it!"

Here are a few recent stories:
  • Last week when Micah and I were going to his aunt's memorial service, they were going to my friend Mary's house and I was giving them instructions on obeying Miss Mary. William replied: "obey Miss Mary, don't obey dogs" 
  • They are obsessed right now with Dalmalmations--and say it approximately 200 times a day and it never ceases to make me laugh!
  • We also love singing. Favorite songs: I'm a Little Teapot (I love when Xavier says "here's is my handle, here's is my spout"), Old McDonald Had a Farm (their version: "ol' Mcdonalds had a farm...), B.I.B.L.E., Baby Jesus, Jesus loves the Little Children--we sing all of these over and over, oh and the ABC song which they do pretty well on, except Xavier often skips from E,F,G to Q,R,S and sometimes, you can't really understand what letters he is saying, but it is really cute!
  • They have their prepositions a little confused at the moment: That to me? instead of for me.
  • I am not sure where this has come from because Micah and I are really not sports people, but Xavier was asking all day yesterday to watch basketball and William wanted to watch football. And when we saw a basketball goal at the store, Xavier said "two points!"
  • William just walked in carrying a little dinosaur puzzle and said to me "look, it's tee-hee rex (from a tickle monster book!), it's cool, it's my favorite!"
I could keep going, because they make me laugh every single day. They are busy, busy, busy and sometimes so incredibly frustrating, but they are also precious and I am amazed every single day at how much I love them!

Micah's interview is tomorrow at Oklahoma State University at 8 AM. I am so proud of him and know that he will do well. Please say a prayer for him if you think of it!

I love this picture of William with his Spiderman. I have been playing recently with some texture overlays thanks to my scrapping stuff and I thought this one turned out really cute!


LaCombe said…
I am amazed at how early you do your blog. I know it is when you have quiet time, but I am still amazed. I love reading stories of the boys, cause as you say, they amaze you everyday at what they learn. I love the 2 points, when seeing a basketball net, so maybe you have some pros in the making, ha! I will say a big Prayer for Micah tomorrow. Enjoy your day! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Melissa said…
Well, Camden is 5 and sometimes I wonder if he knows what a straight edge is so the boys are just fine! LOL
Amy said…
Your stories make me smile, Becky. I wish I were closer so I could spend time with the boys. They seems like so much fun!

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