Sunday morning

Here it is Sunday morning of the time change and I am finding time to blog? Well, the beauty about the time change for me is that my boys for the first time in what seems like a couple of weeks have slept past 6:15/6:30. Of course, I don't have much time because we all need to get up and get ready for church, but since I have neglected the ol' blog for a few days, I thought I would post really quickly to remind those of you who may have forgotten to set your clocks forward last night.

We have had a really productive weekend so far. It has been so nice outside, so the boys and I have spent alot of time outside playing. We had a picnic on Friday on our back patio which the boys thought was really special. I have a feeling there will be many more to come. Then, yesterday morning, Micah gave our vehicles a much needed washing (and much needed is really an understatement!) while I worked on cleaning out our flower beds which was also seriously overdo. I really do want to be better about that this year. And we got our garage cleaned out so that both of our cars fit in there again. This is a process that happens regularly at our house. Not often enough for me, but I am always just thankful when it gets done.

I have been seriously lacking in the creativity department this week. I have tried to scrap a couple of times, but have been very uninspired. I do have some pictures that I have taken that I will try to share, maybe later today since they are on my hard drive that isn't plugged in at the moment and I need to go and start the getting ready process.

Happy Sunday--hope you have a great day!


LaCombe said…
A Very Happy Sunday to you Too! Sounds like you did what we have been doing the past week. Yesterday was our last Upward Basketball games, and then we came home and worked in the yard as well. We are getting ready to sell the house, no job yet, so need to sell. Pray for us! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Lori said…
dont u hate when u clean something over and over again. my closet is like that. i can hardly even walk in it. Lucky for u the boys slept.. I swear I dont even know what time my kids get up!!

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