Today MIGHT be the day

Today is technically the day that the scores for Micah's MCAT should be posted.  Of course, I say technically and might because the last time, they weren't released on the day that they had been promised.  We are certainly hoping and praying that we will hear something today.  It has been such a different experience this time around.  We both have just been so calm and not stressed out about it all.  Of course, as I am typing this and thinking about it, my stomach is starting to churn and get all knotty inside.  But...I just have to remind myself, that we have been finding so much peace in the knowledge that it is all in God's timing, not ours.  I have found myself thinking often these last few weeks of moments in our life when we desperately wanted something to take place and it didn't, and how we felt so devastated at the time.  But, in reality, it was simply God's sovereignty at work in our lives--providing for us when we didn't even know we needed to be provided for.  So, I am resting in that learned knowledge.  We have prayed and asked God for His will to be done.  We want Micah to be able to start med school this fall, but we also want that only if it is God's timing.  So, we wait, and we trust.  If we find out anything today, I will be sure to post!

This was a really crazy weekend.  Micah and I did get to go out on Friday night and we had a nice time.  Early Saturday afternoon, we received a phone call that Micah's aunt had passed away unexpectedly after a complication from a surgery on Thursday.  So, Micah spent the afternoon with his parents at his cousin's house.  It has just been a very sad situation because the family is not very close and his aunt was not living for the Lord at all.  We have been so saddened by the hopelessness of it all and are just praying that this will perhaps give us an opportunity to share our hope with the rest of the family.  

Here are a few pictures that I took of the boys when we went to the park last week--before it turned bitter cold again over the weekend!


Anonymous said…
LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks. We're praying for you. Love, Mom
Melissa said…
The pictures look good -they're getting so big! Camden and Rory both prayed for Micah last night.

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