Life with children is always unpredictable. Yesterday morning, the boys were still sleeping (thank you, Daylight Savings Time) and so I was taking my shower and getting ready. I had just gotten dressed when Micah called for me to come because Xavier had just thrown up. I immediately just changed out of my good clothes and into something that I wouldn't care to get puke on since I knew right then that we wouldn't be headed to Bible Study. It is always so sad to me when they throw up because it scares them and then all they want to do is be held by their mommy. He ended up being fine the rest of the day. Both of the boys tend to have a fairly sensitive gag reflex (I guess that is what it is) especially when they have had drainage and colds. Plus, it didn't help that he was refusing to eat the night before, and so all that yucky drainage on an empty stomach is usually a recipe for throw up with my boys! Enough about vomit!

Yesterday, I spent the day doing laundry--which I managed to finish!--and sorting through the boys winter clothes and getting out their summer clothes. First, let me say that my boys have way too many clothes. We are so blessed and we so often take it for granted. I managed to switch out most of their clothes and set aside what I thought they might still be able to wear in the fall and then have a pile for a consignment sale. We have been having really nice weather and since it is March, I was thinking that most of our cold days are behind us. Well, as I am working feverishly to get all of this done, I don't notice that it is getting progressively colder outside and apparently, we are having a cold front come in and the next 3 days or so are going to be fairly cold--like in the 20s at night. Fortunately, I did leave out a few long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. This weather thing in Oklahoma is seriously crazy though!

Oh, and I did get to scrap yesterday! These are pictures from last week when it was nice outside!


Melissa said…
We must have the same weather front - we broke a record at 80 degrees yesterday, but we might have rain/snow mix today. Craziness.
Anonymous said…
CUTE CUTE page--I can just hear those giggles.

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