Yesterday was my Bible Study morning at church and it was so good. I have really come to love the teaching that we receive from Beth Moore. Yesterday's lesson was on fear and courage and it really caused me to think and pray and examine my own heart. I may share some of my thoughts at some point, but still feel like I am mulling them over in my head for the moment.

We are waiting today (and hoping) for a phone call from OSU for an interview. We know that basically if he doesn't receive a call this week, then he most likely will not make it in this fall. But, we are just continuing to trust and are so thankful that his score was good and that it was released on time.

Today is the memorial service for Micah's aunt. A friend from church is going to watch the boys so that I can go with Micah. I know that it is going to be a difficult service and we have just been praying for Micah's cousins and the rest of the family.

I did manage to get a page scrapped last night. It is a picture from our zoo trip last week. And I am really happy with how it turned out! Have I mentioned lately that I love scrapbooking? Because I do!


Amy said…
I loved that lesson on fear too. Just wait... the lessons just get better and better every week. I wish I could go back and watch all of the videos over again. It's hard to absorb it all in just one viewing.

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