This has been a very busy weekend already and the week ahead promises to be just as busy.  Yesterday, we had a birthday party for twin girls who turned four. The boys were acting as if I was just spoon feeding them sugar for the entire morning yesterday just in anticipation of going to the party.  Then, we went by our friends' house to drop off some pictures and toys that we were getting rid of and the boys had so much fun swinging in "big boy" swings and being pushed really high!  I loved hearing their shrieks of joy, and I think it might have stressed Micah out a bit, but it was still fun!  Then, we headed over to the Golden Corral to meet our Sunday School call for supper.  Now, in general, Micah and I are not really Golden Corral type of people--I am just not a fan of buffets.  But.....the boys did get to eat for free, so that was a plus and the food really wasn't that bad.  It was just kind of a stressful experience because it was packed out and lots of people coming and going and so it was just a little too much for me.  

Today, we have church and then we have the Children of the World choir that is going to be at church tonight.  It is a choir that travels and raises money for children's homes in several countries.  The preview video last week looked so good and I am very excited about going, and then we are hosting two boys and their chaperone at our house for the next two nights.  They are 9 and 11 years old from Uganda. I am so excited for our boys to be able to experience children from a different culture and country.  Tomorrow, we are going to the aquarium with the whole group and then they leave on Tuesday morning.  Thursday, I have a doctor's appointment with my surgeon--just a regular check up--no problems!  Then, on Thursday night, I am speaking at a women's meeting in a church about 45 minutes away.   And I really can't remember what else is going on.  Oh yeah, and on Saturday, there is an educational symposium about cancer survivorship that I am going to attend with a friend and maybe Micah (if his mom can watch our boys!).  So, you may not hear from me before next week unless Micah hears from OSU, then you most definitely will hear from me!  

Have a happy week! I did get to finish a few layouts this week!

We have had a very busy weekend and a busy week ahead of us, so I thought I would blog quickly this morning because I don't know when I will have a chance to for the next couple of days.


Amy said…
Sounds like a really busy week. Hope everything goes well on Thursday night. I'll be praying for you.
Melissa said…
That is a busy week - good luck!
LaCombe said…
I Love reading your Blog and you are such a Busy Lady, with Twins and coming and going and doing, I get tired just reading it, ha,but am so Happy that God has Blessed you in so many ways to be able to be so busy! Love the pics as well, your Boys are so adoreable!!! Hope we can see them again soon here in Nashville! Have a great week and look forward to reading your blog of your busy week! Enjoy!!! Love and Prayers, Kathy
listgirl said…
I love that layout with the cowboy hats, it's so cute! You do have a very busy week, I hope everything goes as planned and nobody gets stressed out!

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