Where's our kid?

I really think that all four boys enjoyed themselves over the past couple of days.  It was certainly an adventure for me and maybe a preview of what my life will look like in about 7 years.  Just imagine two ten year olds with boundless energy and in motion 24/7.  I think that I may have to check myself into the insane asylum occasionally.   The choir on Sunday night was really good.  I think that my boys enjoyed it too.  Both of them sat fairly still on my lap or right next to me for the entire service.  After we met our two Ugandan boys--Gift and Ezera--and the chaperone that was to stay with us, we came home and had a snack of fruit and popcorn. I had made chocolate chip cookies (a recipe recommended by my sister's blog, but for the record, I didn't think they were all that awesome!), but wasn't really thinking about the fact that these boys were from Africa and that they might not be in love with sugar the way American kids are.  So,  Micah, my boys and I ate the cookies and the Ugandan boys had fruit and popcorn.  Yesterday,   Ezera was running a fever and so Ashley (the chaperone staying with us) ended up staying home with him while I took Gift and my boys back to the church to meet up with the rest of the group.  We went to the aquarium to see the sharks and fishies (in my boys' words), then to Golden Corral for lunch (yes, I know, twice in one week!), and ended the day with a visit to BounceU, a place that has all the inflatable games that  you bounce on.  I think that we completely tired all the kids out. They played so hard and had a really good time.  We came home and had a relaxing evening at our house and then they were off this morning.   Xavier and William were cracking me up because they kept asking "where's our kid?"  I think they didn't quite understand that his name was "Gift" and not "kid."  And when Gift sat next to Xavier at the table, he kept rubbing Gift's head and touching him.  I was so glad for my boys to have the opportunity to see the choir and spend some time with these children from other parts of the world.  Oftentimes, here in the States, it is easy for us to stay in our secluded, segregated communities, but I am so thankful that my boys had the opportunity to see that our world is bigger than Owasso, Oklahoma.

I am completely wiped out today though.  We did get to go to my Bible Study this morning, but since getting home, I have made the decision that I am going to sit with my computer and put off doing the majority of our laundry until tomorrow.  The boys are taking a good nap and so I have even been able to talk for a few short minutes to a dear friend.   After cooler weather and overcast skies, the sun is shining again and so maybe we will get to go to the park or somewhere this afternoon.  

Still no word from the med school, but no letters in the mail either!!  


Melissa said…
Yeah, I made those cookies again over the weekend and wasn't impressed either. Must have been a one-hit wonder.
Lacombe said…
What a great pic of your boys and your guests! Looks like they like having someone other than their selves to play with. So glad you had a great time with them. How Wonderful! Have a great rest of the week! Prayers and Love, Kathy

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