Winter Wonderland

We knew that there was a possibility to get some snow yesterday, but honestly, the weather here in Oklahoma is so crazy, and I actually have very little confidence in meteorologists (I think this stems from a time when I was in high school and they predicted a 100% chance of a major snow storm, so in anticipation of that, I stayed up half the night reading a really good book and was NOT happy when the next morning had to go to school because we didn't have any winter weather, but I digress.....), that I really did not believe that we would get anything and that if we did, it certainly was not going to be the 6 inches that they were predicting.  Hello, it is practically April and we have already had like 80 degree days!  Well, this would be the moment when I am proved wrong--and I have no problems admitting that--and we had a serious snow storm yesterday.  It had been raining for most of the day on Friday and all night and when I got up on Saturday morning, the temperatures were dropping and we were getting mixes of sleet and thunderstorms.  And sure enough, about mid morning, it started snowing, big wet flakes and it kept snowing and snowing and snowing.  It was still snowing lightly when we went to bed last night.  Today, it is supposed to be sunny and 54 degrees, so I am sure that it will all be gone by this evening, but it made for a very pretty day.  The boys had spent the night with their grandparents because we were supposed to go to a survivorship seminar, but with the crazy weather, we decided to stay in.  We actually got a lot accomplished.  There is a consignment sale coming up, so we worked on going through the boys' toys and weeding out what they are too old for, don't play with, etc.  I got some scrapping done, watched some figure skating, and enjoyed a fun day at home.  I had put a pot of ham and beans in the crockpot yesterday morning and they turned out so good.   The boys even liked them.  After dinner, we all sat down together to watch an episode of Planet Earth which is a mini-series that has been airing on the Discovery Channel and was recommended by a friend.   It was so amazing--we watched the Shallow Seas episode and I don't know if we were more enthralled or the boys were.  There is just some spectacular footage of sea life and animals and I just kept thinking over and over--how can anyone not think that there is a Creator?  Everything works together so magnificently and how can one believe it happened by chance?  Here is a link that will take you to a clip from the episode that we watched.  I highly recommend it, if you haven't seen it!

Here are some pics from our Oklahoma Winter Wonderland.  This is our back yard around noon yesterday when it was snowing really hard:

This was several hours later, when it wasn't snowing quite as hard and the snow had already begun to fall/melt off of the bushes:

This is the Oklahoma Redbud trees that are in our front yard--yes, the blooms are purple, but it is still called a redbud!
And for those of you who have never seen a picture of our house, here it is--all covered in snow!

If anyone has any good suggestions for editing snow pictures, I would appreciate them--it is really hard when everything is mostly white.  They don't quite capture the beauty of the snow.

One other thing, I often read Christine's blog and when I woke up this morning, I was reading her post from yesterday and looking at all the amazing pictures that she took.  They are such a contrast to my day yesterday.   Also, if you have time, you should definitely scroll through her posts and see all the amazing food pics she posts, it makes me want to go to her house for dinner!

This morning, the sun is shining and getting ready to "drink up the snow" in the words of the boys.  We are just having one service at church this morning to give the sun some time to dry things up a bit, so we have a bit of extra time before heading out the door to church.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


The Davisons said…
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The Davisons said…
We loved seeing you guys in just wasn't long enough! I love that book and I'm so glad the boys love it too!! That kit is so cute--I couldn't resist it:)
LaCombe said…
Nice Pictures! Don't worry, Tennesse weather is just as crazy. We didn't get the snow, but have been in the mid 70's to low 80's and today we have the furnace on again and was only 32 this morning. We too had lots of rain the last couple of days, but luckily no snow. Sure praying for a nice Sunny Easter egg hunt in a couple of weeks and Sunny Easter. Your house is Beautiful also! Enjoy your day, Prayers and Love, Kathy

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