Back home

We had a really great whirlwind trip to see my family.  We met up with my parents in Illinois and we traveled with them on to Cape Girardeau, MO to see my grandfather who was in the hospital.  My aunt and uncle who live in Cape came to see us at the hospital.  Then, we went to Advance to spend the night with my mom's parents and got to see another aunt and uncle who had some really yummy morel mushrooms to share with us.  Friday we drove back to Cape to see my grandpa again and stopped at another hospital and visited for a few minutes with a friend whose dad is in the hospital.  Then, we drove on to Tennessee where my sisters live and had a really great day and a half with them before meeting my mother-in-law in Kentucky on Sunday morning and driving back.  Whew!!! Is anyone else tired?  Oh, and on Saturday morning, my dear friend Kari came out to spend a couple hours with us at Melissa's house!

We had a really great visit though. Lots of laughing and talking and just enjoying spending time together.  The boys did so well on the trip, I was really proud of them.  They were just so excited about seeing Camden and Rory and they played together really well.  It was very sweet to see how much they enjoy each other and also getting to see their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  I pretty much spent yesterday getting laundry done and attempting to get our house back in some semblance of order.  It is finally nice outside, so the boys spent quite a bit of time playing outside.  I was also excited to see that our little garden seems to be doing well--we have little bits of green plants starting to come up, so we may have some vegetables this summer after all!

Here are a couple of funny stories from the boys:
  • Xavier was walking around in the living room last week and reaches down, picks up a play cell phone, puts it up to his ear and says, "Hi, Batman!"
  • We have been doing pretty well in the potty training department and they wear underwear when they are at home with me and sometimes when we go out on errands.  Well, apparently, when Xavier has started to go in his underwear and caught himself when we are out and I will say, 'it's fine.'  I heard this a LOT last week when I would tell him to go potty:  "I got a lil' bit of peepee, but it's fine, it's fine."  
  • This isn't exactly funny, but William apparently doesn't need as much sleep as Xavier and is often up earlier than his brother.  You have to love it when he comes in and annouces to me, " I wake Zabier up, I get his bed."  Poor Zabier, he may never know what a full night's sleep is like!
I promise to add pictures tomorrow. I am just being lazy this morning!


Amy said…
I'm so glad you were able to see your family this weekend. I know you had a great time visiting with them and with Kari. Sorry to hear that your grandpa is in the hospital. Thanks for the sweet stories about the boys. They made me smile!
Anonymous said…

I just picked up on your blog from Melissa's blog. It was so good to see you and the boys over the weekend. I know it is a blessing for you to see family however short.

Just read your comments from the "Esther" Bible study. As you probably know, we have just started it. It was good to see how God has used it to meet your needs as I'm sure it will ours as well.

You look so good. It is hard to imagine you have been so seriously sick. I so appreciate your faithfulness and wanted you to know what a blessing you are to me. I know you will always miss your mission to France, but so glad you did have the opportunity to go and experience some of the French lifestyle. You must be so much better to pray for them because of that. Who knows, maybe the Lord has much more been able to use you with the shining testimony you have and are sharing now in "such a time as this".

Love and continued prayers,

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