Crafting with 3 year olds

Earlier this week, I was flipping through a magazine called Family Fun that I get and I noticed some cute little Easter crafts.  Now, I am not what one would call a particular crafty person.  Yes, I know that I scrapbook and what-not, but that is all digital and I can undo and redo as many times as I want and there is no mess (just an ever expanding file on my hard drive!).  And I hate to confess, but I really struggle with even remembering to let the boys color and draw.  We just seem to go through stages and there always seem like there is something else to do that makes less of a mess.   Anyway, I got the idea in my head that we would do some little Easter crafts and yesterday after going to the mall (since I had yet to buy them a new shirt for Easter and I had a coupon for Gymboree), we went to Hobby Lobby to buy the necessary craft supplies--little pom poms, glue, felt and cardstock.  From the moment we arrived home from the store, the boys were asking to glue something and were very excited about doing a craft with mommy.  So, this morning, after I got them ready and got me ready,  I set out to have a fun, crafty morning with my sweet boys.   These are some things that I learned about crafting with three year olds:
  • It sounds a lot more fun in theory than it actually is.
  • Preparation is very important--after it took FOREVER to make the first flowers, I sent the boys to watch a Little Einsteins while I got everything else all organized (and by organized, I mean all the little felt pieces cut out and sorted into their own little bowls) Note:  the boys were so excited about it though because they kept coming in to make sure that I wasn't making the pig or cat without them!  I wouldn't have dreamed of it.
  • Perfectionism is not a good quality when dealing with 3 year olds, there definitely needs to be some amount of give in this area or you will end up just letting your kids watch YOU do the craft which kind of defeats the purpose.  By the way, I let them do it themselves and tried really hard not to get too upset when they smeared the glue all over the egg because they were pushing down too hard on the pom pom!
  • Don't let yourself be outnumbered by the kids!  This was very important--once I realized that it would be so much easier to help one boy without the other one hovering and completely invading everyone's personal space, life got much more enjoyable. 
So, here are our pictures of our Easter crafts.  The Easter lilies are made using the boys' handprints and they are going to take them to their grandma's house tomorrow. The little egg animals can be found here and they are really cute although ours didn't turn out very level, but that is okay.  The boys really did have a good time making them and as you can see from the pics, they are so proud of themselves.  I am sure that we will attempt crafts again, I just don't know how often! :)

That is a blue skunk, green cat, yellow dog, and pink pig--if anyone was wondering!

In other news, I got a CD in the mail today that I ordered a couple of days ago and I have loved it.  It is entitled Paul Baloche and Friends and it is an album of worship music in French.  This is something that I have missed so much since being in France.  When we first arrived in France, we struggled because we weren't singing in our heart language, but then as we learned more and more French, we began to have a new appreciation for worshipping in that language. And it has been something that I have really missed since we have been back in the States.    I have looked several times, but had not found anything that was what I was looking for.  I actually heard about this CD through a scrapbooking blog, of all things.  A designer (Lynne-Marie Favreau) that I really didn't know very much about was being spotlighted and one of the things listed about her was that she helped lead worship and that she had recently recorded an album.  When I clicked on the link, I was so pleased to see that it was a French language worship album and I immediately ordered it.  I have enjoyed so much listening to it today.  Who knew that my new love (digital scrapbooking) would lead me to find something that I have loved and missed and looked for, but not found until now!


Amy said…
The egg animals are so cute but no where near as cute as the boys' faces. I just love their grins. They look so proud of themselves. I actually thought about doing some kind of egg decoration craft with my class and then I realized what an incredibly crazy thought that was. 24 3rd graders+2 dozen eggs+1 teacher=a very explosive combination! I feel crazy enough at the end of the day without adding in any eggs and dye. Happy Easter!
Mary said…
We made the Easter lilies yesterday. Your leaves look a lot better than mine!
Melissa said…
Well, I'll just say that those lilies and eggs turned out alot better than I thought given your description on the phone!
dawn said…
Your children look adorable - and great craft project :) Have a fab weekend
LaCombe said…
A Very Happy Easter to you and your family! Love the egg animals! Adoreable! They did great and I give you credit for the patience with them and the glue! You are so Blessed! Again, Happy Easter! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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