Easter Pics

Here are some pics from yesterday. I was worried that we weren't going to get any good ones because the boys have way too much energy to actually sit still for a picture, but after editing these, I decided that they just show off their personality!


Linda with the boys and her bunny cake that she has made since Micah was a boy.William was very insistent that he get the "mouth" and we thought it was because he wanted the jelly beans, and so we literally cut him off the whole mouth portion thinking there was no way that he would actually eat it all!
As you can see, he didn't too badly eating it and even though he was sitting on Grandma's lap, he did not want to share.  I just think he will thank me for this picture one day! :)

I made little bird's nests that I found on this site and put them on everyone's plates as decorations. I thought they turned out really cute and Micah took some good pictures of them for me.
From the boys' photo shoot:

Does that look on Xavier's face spell trouble or what?

Cracking up instead of looking at the camera!

a sweet picture with both of them looking at the camera!

more silliness
they are very easily distracted!
William hunting eggs with his superhero cape on

I didn't get any good pictures of Xavier hunting eggs in our living room, but it was really sweet watching them gather them up in our makeshift indoor egg hunt since it was pouring down rain outside.

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter as well.


Anonymous said…
Jackpot! Pictures from you and Melissa! They are so cute! And the little bird nest treats are darling. You can tell the boys had a good time.
Love, Mom
Anonymous said…
So sweet...you are right about Xavier's ornery look! I can't believe how much older they are looking. We love you & miss you. Joy
Amy said…
The boys look so grown and handsome! Your bird nests were so cute. Glad you had a great Easter. I think I'm going to have a baking day tomorrow. Wish we were closer so we could do it together. It would be so much fun to bake, talk, and eat together! Love you!

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