Jesus is alive!

One of the biggest weights of responsibility that I feel as a parent is making sure that my boys learn about God and why we do what we do.  They are constantly inundated with messages from the world around them that are always telling them they need more of this or that, that presents are why we have Christmas, that the Easter bunny is what Easter is about, and you get the idea.  We are all bombarded with these messages and it is often hard for us to resist the urge because material things can be so attractive to us.  I mean, I like things, new gadgets, all of that.  But, on Friday, I went through the boys toys and organized for the umpteenth time the inordinate amount of toys that they have and again, I just was astonished at how blessed they are and they don't even understand or appreciate it.  I so want to instill in them how fortunate they are and not foster the idea that they need more of anything.  I am very seriously considering instituting the policy of when they receive a new toy that we go through the ones that we have and choose something to give away.  There is just no need for so much stuff!  Okay, I digressed a bit.  Now that the boys are older, they definitely understand the whole hunting for Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, etc.   But, that is NOT the reason that we celebrate Easter.  I am not saying that those things are wrong--they are fun, but that is not why we have Easter.  So, this week, I have been drilling them on why we have Easter.  This has been our typical daily conversation:
  • Me:  boys, why do we have Easter?
  • boys: (at the beginning of the week) Easter bunny!!!!
  • Me:  No, why do we have Easter?
  • boys:  (by the end of the week)  God (note: this has become a standard answer for a lot of questions!)
  • Me: what about God?
  • boys:  Jesus!! (also a common answer)
  • Me:  what about Jesus?
  • boys: He's alive!
  • Me: Yes, that is why we have Easter, because God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins, but He didn't stay dead, He's alive!!
It thrilled my heart to no end last night as we were talking about the Easter eggs and Grandma and Pa-Pa coming over and I asked them,
  • 'is this why we celebrate Easter?'
  • and they immediately said/screamed, 'NO!!!' 
  • So, why do we celebrate Easter?  
  • 'Because Jesus is alive (pronounce a-wive!)'

Exactly!! I am so thankful for this holiday.  For what it means to us as believers that our God conquered the grave--He is risen.  Many wishes for enjoying fun times with your families, but most of all for understanding that Jesus is alive and what that means to your life today!


LaCombe said…
JESUS HAS RISEN!!!! HE IS ALIVE!!!! HAPPY EASTER!!! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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