No news

We have been waiting and waiting and expecting and expecting to get a letter from the school and wouldn't you know it--nothing!  As it turns out, the letters went to the mail room on Friday and actually went out in the mail today.  So, we wait.  And we try not to let the waiting kill us.  It really is hard to wait, to not get your hopes up, or to not feel like all your hopes have come crashing down around you.  

William is doing better today.  We kept him home from church yesterday and I think that was probably good for him.  The boys really love it when they get to do things with us individually, so each of them thought they were getting a special treat.  

Last year with our tax refund, we had four new windows put in our house because the old ones were fairly drafty.  And this year, we went ahead and were able to finish putting new windows in and they were delivered and installed today.  I am really hoping that it will make a difference in our heating and cooling costs.   Of course, I kind of felt for the men installing them, because it is very cold here today.  Like wind chill of 22 cold.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 again which seems slightly insane, but that is Oklahoma for you.  

I am not going to promise to have news tomorrow because at this point, who knows when we will find out.  We are just trying to be patient and to trust and remind ourselves often that God's timing is perfect and we can trust in that.


LaCombe said…
Prayers for you and Micah! I know how hard it can be to wait for something that you really want, but yet really know not to get your hopes up to high, but yet Pray for the best, so I am Praying for you! Love and Prayers, Kathy Glad Willam is feeling better. Pray the rest of you don't get it.

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