I don't have much to update. Still no word from OSU, but are hoping that we hear something today since letters went out yesterday. William has been fighting a cough since Wednesday and Dale thinks that it may have moved to his lungs, so we are headed to the doctor this morning. Our pediatrician's office keeps weekend and evening hours which I am sure must be difficult for them, but it is so nice for their patients. He started running a fever through the night and just looks like he doesn't feel well. Right now, he is sleeping on the couch and has been alternating between there and rocking on my lap for the last couple of hours. We were supposed to have some friends over for dinner, but at this point, I don't know if that is going to get to happen or not.

Here are some sweet snippets of conversations with the boys yesterday:
  • While I was dusting the picture frame of Micah and I at our wedding, William says, "mommy, you the princess, you are sitting so bootiful!" you really can't hear that enough--how sweet!
  • Ever since we had the boys check up with the doctor on Wednesday, they have been praying for Dr. "duh-dowl" at night--McDowell for those who don't understand "duh-dowl"
  • A few months ago, when the boys had a cough, I would say "goodness" after they had a big coughing fit. Now, every time William coughs, he says "goodness" and it just cracks me up.
I do have some fun scrapping news for me which will probably mean absolutely nothing to my readers, but one of my favorite designers recently asked for people who would be interested in joining her team to send her an email letting her know and I sent one because I love her stuff, but never really believing that I would actually be asked to join her team, and I about fell on the floor when she asked me to. Yay for me and for my sister Melissa who just joined too! Oh, it is Gina Miller for those of you who are in the know! :) And this is my first layout for her:


Anonymous said…
Becky, I enjoy yours and Melissa's posts so much.
I wanted to tell you that Regis Philbin's grandchild is named Xavier William. How cute is that?
Grandpa and I "pore" over the boys recent pictures. The excitement can be seen in their actions.
LaCombe said…
Praying for good news for Micah and also for William to get better quickly! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Amy said…
So sorry William is sick. I so enjoy all of the sweet stories you share about them. Congrats on your scrapping news! I would love to learn how to digital scrapbook. I still have alot of paper stuff and only pull it all out every now and then. The digital stuff looks like so much more fun.
Amy said…
Becky, I had to leave you a comment. I just heard the song "It's All Coming Back to Me" by Celine on the radio and immediately thought of you. Remember when you sang that before my first date with Mitchell? I can still see you going over to close the door on the part "at the slamming of the door." Good times! I miss you and all the fun times we had!
Melissa said…
Amy and Becky, I thought of you two recently and the whole Celine obsession - too funny!

Sorry William is sick - hope he's better soon. Also praying you hear back from OSU soon. I know what it's like to be waiting on a piece of mail that never seems to come!
listgirl said…
Hi Becky! Congrats on making Gina Miller's CT! I really enjoy looking at your pages, and I didn't even know that your sister is mlewis! I've admired her pages too!

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