The celery even tastes better!

Okay, so we got on the private plane because of the really wonderful organization Corporate Angel Network.  I have to say that it was by far the best plane ride I have ever taken and we were just floored by the graciousness of those that we flew with and the ease and comfort of driving right up to the plane, watching our bags being put in the baggage claim and walking up the steps. It was a small plane, room for 8 people, but with plenty of room and comfy seats.  I really am not sure of the logistics of everything, but apparently, private planes fly at a much higher altitude than commercial--and faster.  The coolest part was when we could look down and saw a Southwest plane that literally looked like it was flying backwards because we were overtaking it with so much speed. The guy that we were flying with told us that this particular plane can fly faster than any other plane that isn't military.  We were quite impressed!  Then, they broke out these really nice fruit and veggie trays that we snacked on and I am quoting Micah when I say "that the celery even tastes better!"  It really was just an amazing experience that we are so grateful for.  One of the men we flew with had even traveled to France and visited Aix-en-Provence and some surrounding villages and so it was fun to reminisce a little about 'home' although I think it made Micah a bit nostalgic.  

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to just exploring a bit on our own. We haven't planned anything and I am honestly just looking forward to meandering and seeing where the day takes us.  It is our only day with no doctor's appointments or anything scheduled--it is just a bonus day for us to enjoy, so we plan on doing just that.  

On another note, please pray for the boys, they both were having some stomach issues this morning and William was running a fever when we left. I am really not worried about them, I know that Linda and Dale will take excellent care of them, I just hate for them to be sick.

Maybe tomorrow I will have some fun NYC pictures for you. Micah is really looking forward to shooting some sights, so we will see what kind of artistic things we come up with!


LaComb said…
Enjoy your time in NYC. I would love to come. Prayers for you to have a quick recovery and Prayers for the boys to be well and enjoy their time away from mommy also. Love ya, Becky and Praying for you! Kathy
listgirl said…
Glad you made it safely there and in comfort and style! Will be praying for your boys and you.

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