Well, it is officially less than one month until my surgery in NYC.  I am trying really hard not to be too nervous about it, but it has definitely been lingering in the back of my mind.  I asked Micah last night if we were crazy to be going to New York to have it done.  I think that part of my hesitation and nervousness is that for my last surgeries, I have known my surgeon personally, she has talked to me before I went in and I had seen her so often before then that I felt really comfortable.  I have met this surgeon only once and have never even been to the hospital where the surgery will take place.  I can't remember if I have posted on here exactly what type of surgery I am having.  It is called a DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) flap reconstructive surgery.  Here is a link to a more detailed description, but basically what they will do is make an incision from hip to hip, remove skin, tissue, and blood vessels that they will then use to reconstruct the breast.  This way, I will not have to have implants which is more of risk because of my radiation treatments.  It is a fairly involved 6 hour surgery that involves the use of a massive microscope because they will be cutting and re-attaching blood vessels.  I don't even begin to understand all that it involves and have often been amazed at the innovation that caused people to dream this up.  I am told that this is the absolute best type of reconstruction that is available and once I have completed the process (it still involves a couple of surgeries), I should be good for life.  

It is a pretty tough recovery from what I have been told.  I will be in the hospital anywhere from 4-7 days depending on how well I am doing.  My biggest concern for the hospital stay is the fact that I will have to spend the night in recovery.  Micah and my mom (who is coming to NY for my surgery--thank you so much, mom and dad!!) will be able to come back and see me for a short period of time, but then they will have to leave.  In previous surgeries, I have not handled anesthesia well--think extreme nausea and vomiting--and I just remember being desperate for Micah to be there.  I am sure that I will be well medicated, but I am not looking forward to those moments when I am lucid and he is not there.  We are staying in New York for 18 days and I have already mentioned that I am just praying for the boys and being away from them for so long.  We are so grateful, however, for God's providence in providing us a place to stay.  We have a friend from college who actually lives in Manhattan with her husband and they have graciously invited us to stay with them while we are in New York.  And on top of that, she is a nurse and her husband is a doctor, so if we have any problems, I will certainly be in the best place possible.  Isn't our God good?  

So, I need to end this post with reminding myself of all of the things that God has worked out for us in regards to this surgery.  Yes, it is scary, but I do have confidence that He continues to be right here beside us and although I have been typing out many of my fears for you to read, I have also been continually presenting them to the Lord and asking for His peace and reassurance.


LaCombe said…
Praying for you, Becky, for a safe and quick recovery and for the boys to be ok while you are gone, and for your fear to be taken away by God.For you say it the Best, GOD IS SO GOOD! Praying and thinking of you untill that day, and while you are there and your recovery! also, to let you know that we are moving back to Fort Smith, Arkansas, so maybe we can get together soon. Love and Prayers, kathy
Amy said…
I'm also praying for you, Becky. Thanks for the specific requests. It really helps to know exactly what to pray for now and in the days to come. It sounds so complicated and I know it must be scary for you. I'm so glad we have our God to trust and can know He is in complete control. I am praying the Lord will give you complete peace in the weeks to come. I love you!
listgirl said…
Thanks for explaining the surgery. I've never heard of this type of reconstructive surgery. It certainly is understandable to have apprehension. But praise God that you have recovered from cancer to be able to have the surgery. I will be praying for you.

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