It is Friday which means cleaning day for me--I love to have a clean, organized house, but I don't mind saying that it isn't my favorite job to do.   The one thing that makes it somewhat bearable is listening to podcasts from TDF while I am cleaning. I just love to hear Rob preach and it always makes the time go by a bit faster for me.  We have a busy weekend ahead.  This weekend is Trail Days in Owasso and there is a rodeo tonight and tomorrow night and as long as it isn't raining, I am planning on taking the boys. I haven't decided if it is more for them or for me. I love going to rodeos and I think that they are at an age where they will enjoy it too!  Then, tomorrow, Micah's small group of high school boys are coming over to play games along with the new youth pastor and maybe his wife. I haven't gotten to meet them yet, so I am looking forward to that.  Sunday is Mother's Day and I really don't know what we are doing, I have just told Micah that I don't want to cook and he has assured me that he will take care of it--I will keep you posted!  Finally, first thing Monday morning, we are headed out the door to Illinois. I am very excited--not looking forward to the trip before we meet up with my sister, but am definitely looking forward to seeing everyone.

Here are some recent things about the boys:
  • They must be going through some serious growth spurts because they are eating us out of house and home--I can't believe how much they are eating and it is good stuff, vegetables and fruit.  Right now, Xavier's favorite fruit is banana and William's is grapefruit.
  • I have been very proud of Xavier because he has apparently learned the lesson that even if he doesn't like his vegetables, he still has to eat them.  He will put up a little protest, but then just resigns himself to eating them and the look on his face is hilarious as he chews--he isn't trying to be ugly, he just has the funniest look of distaste on his face.
  • They have learned to recognize the first letters of their names and whenever they color, they want me to put an X or a W on their papers.
  • They have been spending HOURS sitting at the table coloring pages from a Spiderman coloring book that I got at a consignment sale for $1.  Xavier tends to go through a lot more pages than William, so we are always encouraging him to use more colors and color the entire page, etc.  William, on the other hand, chooses one color and about wears the entire crayon out on one page.  When he first started this, he was using black and I was concerned that we had some underlying emotional issues, but have since decided that he is probably okay, because he uses every color, just not on the same page.
  • Last night before saying prayers, we had listed several things that we needed to pray for and William was saying his prayer, going through the list, and got hung up saying something, looks up at us and says "what next?"
  • William is going through a stage where he likes to pretend that he is animals--currently, his favorite animal to be is a cat which involves crawling around on all fours and talking in a very high pitched voice and meowing--it seriously hits a register that is similar to fingers on a chalkboard.
  • I hesitate to say that we have been better on the potty training front, because I am sure that as soon as I write that, it will be a nightmare today, but I feel like living dangerously, so we have been doing better on the potty training front.  Xavier even got up yesterday morning and went straight to the potty and went stinky with no prompting from me, he just needed to go and knew what to do.  Now, if only every day was like that!
I scrapped this page yesterday afternoon of William when he was so tiny.  I was very nostalgic for the days when they were so itty bitty--they grow up way too fast!


LaCombe said…
Beautiful pic of William. He still looks the same, only more handsome and grown up! Have a Wonderful Mother's Day! Prayers and Love, Kathy
listgirl said…
What a beautiful layout! I love the sweetness and peacefulness of it.

Brilliant idea to listen to music/podcasts while cleaning. Why didn't I think of that???

Umm... I still love coloring. ::blush:: A couple of years ago, Todd got me coloring pencils and some grown-up and intricate coloring books. I love them.

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