Really exciting morning

I know that not everyone will be able to appreciate this, but I had a very exciting coupon morning!  There is a forum here in the Tulsa area called 918moms and they feature a section called 918couponqueen.  Well, I have been perusing it for the last few months getting advice on where to get the best deals, etc.  I have noticed these threads for Homeland store coupon match-ups, but for some reason, I thought that Homeland was a store in Oklahoma City, thus not important in my grocery shopping needs.  But, something this week prompted me to open this thread and read it and I discovered that there are 2 Homeland stores in the Tulsa area and they do double coupons.  Okay, that is big news in my world.  I remember being a kid and my mom talking about double coupons, but since I have been an adult and in the couponing world, I have never been where they do double coupons.  So, armed with my coupons and list, Micah and the boys headed out to the store this morning.  Normally, it isn't much fun to have everyone along because I tend to take a lot of time sorting through my coupons, determining if I am really getting the best deal for my coupon, etc.  And at the beginning, I have to be honest, and I kind of wished that I hadn't brought Micah and the boys along, but about halfway through, Micah started helping me search for things and I heard him say "oh, I see how they are doing it" and voila!  I had an instant helper who was eager to help me search out the best deals.  Bottom line:  My total before coupons was around $70 and after coupons, I paid $26.36.  It was a very exciting morning.  I tried to convince Micah to let me set everything up on the table, so I could take a picture of everything that we had bought, but he thought that other people would think that was really weird.  I am going to have to show him some other blogs I read where the writers do just that.  So, I can't show you everything that I bought, but rest assured, I got some really great deals.  We had 26 items and so we paid just over $1 for each thing. 

Okay, we are off to a fish fry with our Sunday School class tonight. I wonder if I can lure any of them into the exciting world of double coupons!

Here is a layout that I did last night:


Anonymous said…
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You can tell Micah that I would LOVE to see a picture of all the stuff. I have done that before. We have such a WEIRD hobby, but very fun and frugal!!
Amy said…
Way to go!! I wish I could find a store nearby that does double coupons. Also, tell Micah your weird friend Amy would like to see your picture! :)
listgirl said…
There's nothing weird about showing off your coupon loot! :)

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