Thankful Thursday

We have had a fairly nondescript week here at our house. It has been nice to feel like life is slowing down a little bit.  I know that the next few months are going to be a little bit crazy, so it is really nice to have a few days where we just live life.  I have been working on preparations for while we are gone to New York--just making phone calls and trying to get things organized for Micah's mom who will be keeping the boys.

Today, I am planning to start packing for our trip next week to see my parents.  The boys and I are meeting my sister Melissa and her kids in St. Louis and driving up to spend a week at my mom and dad's house.  This will be the first time that I have taken the boys on a road trip by myself, so I am sure that it will be interesting, but I am really excited about them getting to go up to Illinois and ride the horses and the tractor and they are very excited about Uncle Matt taking them fishing.

Just a quick update on the med school waiting list.  Micah talked to the registrar last week and found out that there have been some spots that have opened up and the admissions committee would be meeting this week to review the wait list.  So, we are just continuing to pray and hope that we will be getting a letter in the next few weeks.

Okay, so here is my Thankful Thursday list:
  • We had an entire day with no rain yesterday--maybe our backyard marsh will dry out a little bit!
  • Xavier went to the potty all by himself this morning--this may be the first time ever.
  • That we live in a country where we can have a National Day of Prayer (I could get political and make a comment about the fact that the President is observing it privately, but I will just leave that alone!)
  • I get to take my boys to my parents' house next week.
  • That Micah has been able to be at home in the evenings with us with no studying--it has been so nice and I am trying to just enjoy it before he (hopefully) starts med school in the fall.


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