We are here

Monday was a very long day, but we arrived with no problems and the boys have been thoroughly enjoying their time with their cousins and grandparents. The first night I didn't think that we were going to be able to stop them, they just ran and ran and ran around the backyard kicking the ball, wrestling, chasing each other, everything.

Today, we went to the Niabi Zoo here in town. I have to admit that I was more than a little skeptical of what it was going to be like since it really takes a nice zoo to impress me, but even though it is small, it is a really nice zoo and the kids all had a great time. They have recently redone a lot of the exhibits and I really enjoyed how up close and personal we were able to be with so many of the animals. We took a train ride which the kids all enjoyed, then went to a park where we had a picnic and let the kids play on the slids and jungle gym. The kids all crashed for their naps this afternoon and Melissa and I spent some time trying to learn more about our cameras--I'm not sure that we really learned all that much, but we had fun taking practice pictures of each other. Then, after the boys got up from their nap, they played outside, rode the horse, helped grandpa feed the horses (wearing their new 'barn boots' that grandma had waiting for them!), and then got to ride the tractor! It has been a busy day and we are exhausted. The rest of the house is sleeping, but for some reason, my sleeping medicine is not helping me and I am having some insomnia, so I thought I would at least update my blog. We have managed to get some really sweet pictures of the kids which I am sure will be posted soon on my blog or on Melissa's.

Well, I am going to attempt to go and get some sleep, so I am not dragging too much tomorrow!


Amy said…
I have been thinking about you and Melissa the last couple of days. I know you are having so much fun together. I'm glad you made it through the long trip with the kids. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit!

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