What happened...

....to my sweet lovable little boys?  They have turned into demon children in the last few weeks!  I don't know if it is just the fact that they are fully coming into their 3 year old terrors, but it has been fight after fight after fight with them it seems like.  How can little ones be so incredibly cute, cuddly, and loving turn on a dime and make you want to pull not just your hair, but also theirs!  The joys of motherhood!! It is such a blessing when you are awakened in the morning by a cranky boy who is whining (and by whining, I mean semi-screaming in a whiny voice) for his Flash toy that doesn't have broken ears.  We also have apparently regressed in the whole potty training fiasco because William has had stinky in his underwear twice since we've been home.  Although in his defense, he did tell me this morning that he needed to go potty and promptly took himself there and put the stinky in the potty.  This morning, I am thanking the Lord for those small miracles!   

In other news, our sneak peek is up on Kellie's blog and let me just say that cute doesn't quite cover it, in my completely unbiased opinion.   I can't wait to see the rest of our pictures in a few weeks.  Maybe they will be my home from the hospital present since two weeks from this morning, I will be in surgery in New York!!! Wow--I can hardly believe that it is almost here.  I have been busy this week making phone calls, verifying insurance, just getting things in order for the next few months.  I spent this morning cleaning out/reorganizing my pantry and plan to get my laundry done today.  

My garden actually survived surprisingly well through all the torrential rains that we have had and I worked on Tuesday pulling all of the weeds (which was no small task, by the way) and that resulted in my legs being extremely sore yesterday--apparently, I need to work out more!  The lettuce is doing really well and I am thinking that we will have enough for Micah and I to have a small salad with dinner tonight--very exciting!

And, I scrapped!! Yay-- I think I went into a little withdrawal last week and it is fun to scrap some of the pictures from last week!  

I love this sweet smile of Rory!
Xavier jumping from the hay bales in the barn!
These are pics from an aquarium trip a couple of months ago.


I love seeing how you and Melissa scrapped some similar photos so differently and OMG how cute is that fish page (I will have to remember that)

Amazing how kids can be sooo cute one minute and crazy the next... BTW Ethan is 6-1/2 and still has those "moments" (aka tantrums).
listgirl said…
Hi Becky! I'm so glad you guys made it back safely! I love your fishie page, saw it earlier today on Audrey Neal's blog (or was it the WST blog, I forget...)
Amy said…
Becky, the pictures are incredible! The one of you and the boys is so sweet! Glad you made it home safely and had such a great time. Have a great weekend!

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