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What we've been doing today

I don't know what the weather is like everywhere else, but it is hot in Oklahoma and I don't mean just oh, it is slightly warm outside, no, it is HOT, like major heat wave, insane amount of humidity, heavy sticky air, very little relief at night--that is how hot it is.  So, this is normally how our days go....we are all up by 7ish, dressed and ready to go by 8:30 or 9:00 when Micah leaves for work and mom and I take the boys outside to play for a little bit.  Actually, mom does some garden work while I just sit and sweat in the shade.  The boys play with their tricycle and car (that I decided today are both way too small for them) for about 45 minutes to an hour when their little faces are so beet red and their hair is wet from the sweat.   
So, here are a few pictures from our day today:
On your mark, get set, go! Check out William's form!  They did find time for a little argument: Xavier would ride down the driveway and then pick up his bike and carry it to turn it around.  I…


I am starting to feel like there isn't anything exciting going on in our lives.  Of course, that isn't necessarily a bad thing after all of the "excitement" of the last few weeks.  We had a great weekend with my dad--the boys particularly enjoyed 'getting' my dad which involved my dad sitting on the floor and the boys running full force from across the room and hurdling themselves at him.  They had a blast and yesterday when my mom was talking to my dad on the phone they asked him if they could 'get' him.  It was really sweet and I love that they had so much fun with him.  It was nice to go to church on Sunday and see so many people who had been faithfully praying for us. It was a great service and we were thrilled to be back.
The last two days we have spent time playing outside for a little bit in the morning. I have watched my mom work in our garden and flower bed. It has been hard for me to have to watch others do so much for me, but I know that it …

Home Sweet Home

It has been so nice to be home.  Our flights yesterday were not too bad; it was just a really long day.  But, of course, nothing could beat the moment when we walked in the door and our boys came running toward us saying, "mommy, daddy..." half crying, half laughing.  They were so sweet, I think they were so excited, but didn't quite know if they could believe we were really there or not.  My parents arrived on Tuesday night and enjoyed a nice day with the boys on Wednesday and had the house all ready for us. Mom had been to the grocery store and made homemade chicken and dumplings for dinner.  It was a wonderful evening and it was heavenly sleeping in our own bed last night. Today has been good, just tiring. I am sure that I am feeling the effects of our travel day yesterday and then I feel like I am almost constantly wincing or bracing myself around the boys because they can be so rambunctious and I know that that is wearing on me.  Can I just mention that I am so than…

One more day

Today is our last day in New York.  I really am so thankful that we were able to come.  I know that this surgery has absolutely been the best decision for me, but....skip, skip, skip, broken record...I am ready to go home! :)  I couldn't resist adding that.  
Update from my doctor's visit:  he came in and checked out my incisions, declared that they look really good, made note of some things that we knew would probably need to be revised at the next surgery, and told me he would see me in 6 weeks.  It was rather anti-climatic, but I will take anti-climatic over drama any day of the week.  I have been wearing a binder thing (think thick 8 inch elastic belt) around my abdomen since my surgery and he told me that he wanted me to wear it or some other type of support for 3 months.  He also gave me some tape to put over my incisions every day to help give extra support since the sutures normally dissolve within 2-3 weeks, but don't completely heal until about 6 weeks out. 


We had a nice relaxing day yesterday.  Micah went out for a couple of walks around this neighborhood and we had a really yummy lunch with Mason and Melissa.  Then, we were able to go to church with them last night to Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  It was good to be able to be in church again although I discovered that singing takes a lot of breath and I had to be careful or it made my stomach hurt.  I am sure there is a very simple medical reason for that, and I am not sure why I felt compelled to include it, but there you go!  Their pastor preached a really really good sermon and we were both thankful to have been able to go with them. It did make me miss our church in Broken Arrow and also our church in Nashville.
So, today is my post-op appointment with my doctor here in NYC.  I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say. I feel like my incisions are healing really well and am really pleased with them, but I am eager to hear his professional opinion.  I am a bit disappointed t…


I have been able to scrap a bit the last couple of days which has been good therapy for me, I think.  I am trying not to focus on missing the boys, but can I just say for the fifteenth time that I do miss them.  I think that we have decided not to web cam with them anymore because I think that it is making life harder on them.  Poor Xavier gets excited to see us and then just gets this glazed over sad look on his face that makes us want to rip our hearts out.  Please pray for Micah's parents as well.  They took his dad to the hospital last night because he was having chest pains.  He was doing better this morning and was at church, but he will be doing further testing this week to determine what the problem is.  As you can imagine, we are feeling badly about being so far away and his parents are taking care of our boys.  Fortunately, they were able to spend the night with Micah's brother last night.  My parents are going to be driving down a day earlier than planned so they wi…

a couple of lists

Things I love about New York:how big it is and how much it reminds me that the world is so much bigger than my little corner in Owassothat you can buy really yummy fruit from street vendors for not very much money.  this week I have had some of the best cherries and bananas for $2-3 a lb for the cherries for 25 cents a piece for the bananas--you can't beat that!that I can sit in Melissa and Mason's apartment on the 17th floor and look out over the rooftops and see the hustle and bustle of the citythat you can find literally hundreds of non-chain restaurants, some good, some bad, some okay, but lots of ethnic and tons of choicesthat I have had two of the best falafel and hummus sandwiches EVER since we have been hereexpress trains can take you from one end of the city to the other fairly quicklyThings I don't love so much about New York: there is a definite smell about the city--it is just big and there are a lot of people, hence, a lot of smellsin general, aside from the fr…


I meant to get on here and post yesterday, but the day got away from me before I could.  Here is a little update on the flight information and what is going on with us.
We have yet to receive a call from Angel Network with a flight for us. I am a bit disappointed, but knew that it was only a possibility and not a sure thing.  So, we have booked a flight with Continental for next Thursday leaving here around 9, flying through Houston, and arriving in Tulsa around 4 that afternoon.  It is really not very ideal, but we at least know that we will be back in Tulsa by next Thursday afternoon.  There has been a lot of frustration from dealing with insurance with our tickets that turned out to not really be insurance after all, but I won't get in to all of that.  I do think that there is still a possibility to be able to get on an Angel Network flight which would be great, but if not, we do have tickets.  
The good news from yesterday was that my drains came out!  If any of you have ever be…

One more post today

This is what Micah posted on his Facebook this morning and for those of you who aren't following us there, I wanted to share it on here:
Thank you all for praying -

Becky is doing great and recovering well. She is up and down w/ little help. Amazing!

Anyway, we find ourselves needing a little more prayer - new request. We flew here with Angel Corp. They specialize in finding corp. flights for Cancer patients to go to their destinations. That is how we got here. Well now we are needing a flight to get us back to Oklahoma. As of this point in time, there are no flights. We are asking people to pray for a flight early next week, otherwise, we are at the mercy of the airline. The stress of flying would be less if we got on a corp. flight and not commercial - especially for someone who, well has an incision from hip to hip. 

We have seen how God answers the prayers of His people, so once again, we are seeking more prayer. 

Thanks - we are going to wait to book a flight until tomorrow aftern…

Out of the big house

Okay, it is really more like out of the hospital, but after a while, it starts to feel like something more with the incessant coming in to check your vitals and to give you your antibiotic at 1 in the morning (I just don't understand why that is necessary!)  Anyway, we are at our friends' Mason and Melissa's apartment where I am always amazed at the constant roar of the city.  Melissa made us an awesome Spanish meal last night of tortilla, gazpacho, manchego cheese, olives, bacon wrapped dates, and bread--it was so yummy!! (Brooke and Christine, I took pictures of it just for you guys and plan to have a food post soon! :))

One of the things that I loved about the hospital (Memorial Sloan Kettering) was just that it was a really really nice facility. The doctors and nurse staff were amazingly competent and caring.  They had a portion of a floor that was designated as a patient recreation area with its own library, a piano, lots of crafts, games, daily movies, and an outside …

So, maybeIwasn’t completely lucid

So, maybe I wasn't completely lucid yesterday when I was so proud of myself for posting on my blog. When Micah got here this morning, he said, "did you realize that you wrote 'I AN back'?" ummm, no..... oh, well, you just got to see me in my drugged up state. Today, I am using Micah's dad's work computer and it keeps randomly changing the size font that I am using, so I don't know what is up with that. It also has this tiny little keyboard and I apparently have huge man hands and keep making major typos. Brian and Melissa always think that the boys have really large hands, so maybe they get that from me! :)

I am continuing to do well. And will most likely go home from the hospital tomorrow. I am kind of ready not to be in a hospital anymore, and I am really ready to be home home with my boys. I keep telling myself that I know that they have missed us, but they just don't act like they are missing us all that much, so it makes me kind of sad…

I an back!

I an sure that everyone has enjoyed the break from me blogging, and has thoroughly enjoyed Micah's ponderings and updates, but I just wanted you to know that I AM BACK!!!  Granted, I am blogging one-handed b/c the IV in my left hand isn't really conducive to typing, so I won't be as verbose as I normally have been.  I am doing really well today.  I have been up, walking around, reading, taking naps, been going to the bathroom (no more catheter!--sorry if that is too much information)  I am losing my pain pump today and would love to lose some drains as well...we will see.  my nurse when she left last night said that it was amazing to her to see the difference in just 12 hours and that I  had made a lot of progress.  I have loved loved loved my nurses--they have been so good and am so thankful for them.  Thank you to everyone who has prayed and thought about us--I know that your prayers have made the difference!

Day 3

Thank you guys for praying - She had a rough night (no sleep and a lot of pain). So far today, the doctors are keeping watch of her heart rate. It is still high - they have done EKGs to make sure all is good - nothing - so a good report on that The nurse and I got her out of bed to walk and then to sit-up in a chair. I was so proud, she did it with little complaining. She is so stinking strong! Anyway, we are going to watch here today. The doctors believe all this is normal from the extensive surgery she had on Thursday. I am so thankful for each and everyone praying for us. I will keep you updated if anything changes - but again, thank you. God continues to protects Becky and I believe it is by the faithfulness of His children who are praying! Micah

Stressful Afternoon/Evening

It has been an up and down day - It started off well, but by the afternoon, things went a little of the chart stressful. I am keeping this short because I am exhausted. They thought she had a blood clot - test showed - negative - awesome They believe her elevated heart rate is b/c of the surgery and her oxygen levels are low b/c she is sleeping so much and not breathing as deeply as they would like. The head nurse said that they would check on her every thirty minutes. This is a crazy time - the last 5 - 6 hours we spent not knowing to knowing a little. I honestly find myself back as the place I was in 2 years ago when she was first diagnosed with Cancer. In life or in death, Becky is fine. Please just continue to pray for Becky - MIcah

All is good in Who-ville

We are at the hospital.  Becky had a good night - somewhat.  She said she woke up around 1 thinking that it had to be 8 - it wasn't.  But all in all, she said she is resting comfortably.  
No problems with any of the incisions - wonderful!
She looks good over all.  Her color is still a little pale, and she is a little puffy.  This is normal.  
She will eat a little today - I don't think they are going to push too much down her throat.  
The hospital really does caters to the cancer patient and patient's family.  We are in a lounge down from her room - feet kicked up and reading.  
There isn't much to report - she is doing well.  God has been good.  She doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, and she said she had NO problem with nausea last night.  Just another answer to prayer.
Thank you all for the phone calls and notes - it is wonderful to know we have a great support system around the world praying and thinking of us. 

Last Post of the Day

Well it is 9:18 NYC time.  I am bushed!  Joyce and I were able to see Becky for a few minutes about an hour ago.  Becky was tired but aware.  She will stay in recovery tonight until tomorrow morning until she gets a room.  
We are going to do our best to be at the hospital around 9.  This should be the time she goes to her room.  Tonight is especially important - every hour that passes the success of the surgery increases.  The doctor said that if anything were to go wrong it would be these next 12 hours.  
So here is me not wanting a phone call tonight. 
On to better news, Joyce and I got to walk through a pass in Central Park.  What a good workout walking here in NYC.  If it wasn't the early morning or the stress of the day that made us tired it was all the walking we did today. 
Anyway - thanks again to all those who prayed for Becky.  She looked as good as she could have for being in surgery 10+ hours.  
I will post more tomorrow, but there won't be as many post as there were t…


Hey All - 
Thanks for praying.  We are now upstairs in the surgical waiting room, waiting to see Becky.  The nurse said that they were closing.  So it still could be a while until we actually see Becky.   But hey, at least we know it is almost over!
Who would have thought that 10 hours could be so exhausting! 
Thanks again - I will post one more time tonight - then it is hit the bed time!

4 1/2 hours to go

Nurse just came by, (side note, love that I can keep all of you informed as I am informed) they just started the grafting of the right breast. She said, and how cool is this, they were using a microscope to reattach the blood vessels. The power of modern medicine! (or should I say, God's allowing us to discover these things) Anyway, it may be longer than the 4 1/2 hours, but at least it shouldn't be too much longer than that left to go before this is over. We find ourselves rather bored - we are easily distracted. So reading hasn't panned out. Nor has sleeping( by the way Mtn Dew has always been my cure for being tired, guess what decided not to work today?). Mrs Miley did come by to visit us for a while. I have every confidence we are going to pass out tonight when we get back to our rooms! - however we have to find a good place to eat tonight - my sandwich hasn't lasted very long....


Not a whole lot to report at this time - I talked to the Nurse a few minutes ago, and she said that they were still harvesting tissue. 
We are at the 4 1/2 hour mark, so we are waiting for another update within the hour.  
She said all is good - we jumped out of the hospital for about an 1 1/2 hours.  We were hungry and I needed my coat!
Okay - boring details - but to be honest, I am happy it is boring.  No one needs excitement today....
Thanks again fro praying.... 


The nurse just came around - all is going well.  She has been in about an hour, so they started a little late.  No big deal - we may leave and go get something to eat and get my jacket!  Who knew it would be this cool in NYC in June- I sure didn't!

She has gone into surgery

After a short night, we were at the hospital this morning at 5:45 am.  Needless to say, I don't think it will take much to get Becky to sleep.  We had an easy morning.  Mrs Miley made me and Joyce breakfast - sadly Becky could only smell the wonderful meal.  
Surgery should be starting as I write this - so T minus 10 hours!
We are waiting in this massive Cancer hospital that sadly we were not the only ones here this early - this hospital is packed with all kinds of ages, people, and ethnicities.
I will write more as the day progresses - we should hear from the nurse every 2 hours.
Thanks again for praying

T minus 1 day

Well, we have arrived at Wednesday, the day before my big surgery!!  To be honest, we are both ready to get it done. We have enjoyed our time here in New York, but it has been hard to really enjoy it, because we have known that the reason that we are here is to have the surgery and there has always been that in the back of our minds.  I had my pre-surgical testing yesterday and this morning, I saw my doctor and made some final decisions about my surgery and learned more about the recovery process.  I was already feeling pretty confident about having the surgery done and where I am having it done, but after this morning, I just have even more peace and confidence (if that is possible!).  We still don't know exactly what time the surgery will start, but probably fairly early in the morning, because it is about a 10 hour procedure.   For me, obviously, that is no big deal, but that is a long day for the surgeon and even longer for Micah and my mom as they wait.  I have said often tha…