4 1/2 hours to go

Nurse just came by, (side note, love that I can keep all of you informed as I am informed) they just started the grafting of the right breast. She said, and how cool is this, they were using a microscope to reattach the blood vessels. The power of modern medicine! (or should I say, God's allowing us to discover these things) Anyway, it may be longer than the 4 1/2 hours, but at least it shouldn't be too much longer than that left to go before this is over. We find ourselves rather bored - we are easily distracted. So reading hasn't panned out. Nor has sleeping( by the way Mtn Dew has always been my cure for being tired, guess what decided not to work today?). Mrs Miley did come by to visit us for a while. I have every confidence we are going to pass out tonight when we get back to our rooms! - however we have to find a good place to eat tonight - my sandwich hasn't lasted very long....


MyE said…
Thank you for updating the blog, so happy to hear that the day has been uneventful!
listgirl said…
Thanks for the updates Micah! Glad it has been uneventful!

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