All is good in Who-ville

We are at the hospital.  Becky had a good night - somewhat.  She said she woke up around 1 thinking that it had to be 8 - it wasn't.  But all in all, she said she is resting comfortably.  

No problems with any of the incisions - wonderful!

She looks good over all.  Her color is still a little pale, and she is a little puffy.  This is normal.  

She will eat a little today - I don't think they are going to push too much down her throat.  

The hospital really does caters to the cancer patient and patient's family.  We are in a lounge down from her room - feet kicked up and reading.  

There isn't much to report - she is doing well.  God has been good.  She doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, and she said she had NO problem with nausea last night.  Just another answer to prayer.

Thank you all for the phone calls and notes - it is wonderful to know we have a great support system around the world praying and thinking of us. 



LaCombe said…
Thank you Lord for all you have done for Becky! God is so Good! Praying that the rest of her healing days go as well as today. Sening a big hug and love and Prayers to all. Kathy
LaurenR said…
Yay, so glad to hear that she's doing well! Please let her know her scrappy crew is thinking and praying for her! oxoxoxo Lauren
Stacey said…
That's really good news - yay! We're all thinking of you Becky - {{{hugs}}}
Amy said…
I'm so glad to hear how well she's doing! The Lord is so good! Give her a hug for me!
sixtyeight said…
Glad she is doing okay!!
Big hug

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