a couple of lists

Things I love about New York:
  • how big it is and how much it reminds me that the world is so much bigger than my little corner in Owasso
  • that you can buy really yummy fruit from street vendors for not very much money.  this week I have had some of the best cherries and bananas for $2-3 a lb for the cherries for 25 cents a piece for the bananas--you can't beat that!
  • that I can sit in Melissa and Mason's apartment on the 17th floor and look out over the rooftops and see the hustle and bustle of the city
  • that you can find literally hundreds of non-chain restaurants, some good, some bad, some okay, but lots of ethnic and tons of choices
  • that I have had two of the best falafel and hummus sandwiches EVER since we have been here
  • express trains can take you from one end of the city to the other fairly quickly
Things I don't love so much about New York:
  • there is a definite smell about the city--it is just big and there are a lot of people, hence, a lot of smells
  • in general, aside from the fruit, things are pretty expensive
  • my boys aren't here
  • it is kind of noisy
Things that are great about having friends in NYC:
  • you save an obscene amount of money on hotel costs
  • you can buy food to cook at their house
  • it is so nice to have friends who know where things are, how to get there, and what they cost
  • lots of laughs together with some of the most laid back, gracious, friendliest, hospitable people we have ever met--we have truly been blessed!


LaCombe said…
Enjoy! I have always wanted to visit NYC. Someday. My mom was born in Rome, NY. Soon you will be home with the boys, healthy and happy! God Blesses you everyday, and you deserve it. Love ya, Becky, Kathy
listgirl said…
Great list! I love having non-chain ethnic foods around here too. Of course, not as many as NYC, but more than when we lived in Ohio.

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