We had a nice relaxing day yesterday.  Micah went out for a couple of walks around this neighborhood and we had a really yummy lunch with Mason and Melissa.  Then, we were able to go to church with them last night to Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  It was good to be able to be in church again although I discovered that singing takes a lot of breath and I had to be careful or it made my stomach hurt.  I am sure there is a very simple medical reason for that, and I am not sure why I felt compelled to include it, but there you go!  Their pastor preached a really really good sermon and we were both thankful to have been able to go with them. It did make me miss our church in Broken Arrow and also our church in Nashville.

So, today is my post-op appointment with my doctor here in NYC.  I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say. I feel like my incisions are healing really well and am really pleased with them, but I am eager to hear his professional opinion.  I am a bit disappointed today because I called Angel Network this morning and they still don't have any flights that will work for us.  We know that in reality, it isn't that big of a deal, it is just 2 more days and we will be flying home anyway, I think that we were both just kind of keeping the hope alive that they would swoop in and get us home sooner.   Micah's dad is continuing to not feel well, so please continue to pray for him.  I am so thankful that Micah's brother and sister-in-law have been able to help out with the boys.  We are just ready to get home.  I know, same post, different day.  I feel like I am a broken record these days....oh well....I am resting and continuing to get stronger and I am very thankful for the days to rest and recuperate before coming home.  


Melissa said…
It's okay to sound like a broken record. Ummm, have you read my blog? LOL

Sorry the flight hasn't come through yet. Maybe you'll hear something today. And if not, try to soak up the last few days of quiet. :)
Amy said…
It's sounds like you are doing well but just ready to be home. Just like Melissa said, enjoy these last few days of relaxing and just taking care of yourself. I'm praying that you will get on the flights you need to be on. Love you!
LaCombe said…
Praying that the Angel flight will still come through, but if not, you will be home soon. Take these last couple of days to get the well needed rest you need and enjoy NYC. Waiting for your doctor's report from today. Praying that all is healing great and you are good to go! Love ya Becky! Prayers and Love, Kathy
listgirl said…
I am the same broken record about our remodeling dragging on and on. But that's life sometimes. Will continue to pray for your Angel Network situation and Micah's dad. I know you can't wait to go home. It has been a long couple of weeks.

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