Home Sweet Home

It has been so nice to be home.  Our flights yesterday were not too bad; it was just a really long day.  But, of course, nothing could beat the moment when we walked in the door and our boys came running toward us saying, "mommy, daddy..." half crying, half laughing.  They were so sweet, I think they were so excited, but didn't quite know if they could believe we were really there or not.  My parents arrived on Tuesday night and enjoyed a nice day with the boys on Wednesday and had the house all ready for us. Mom had been to the grocery store and made homemade chicken and dumplings for dinner.  It was a wonderful evening and it was heavenly sleeping in our own bed last night. Today has been good, just tiring. I am sure that I am feeling the effects of our travel day yesterday and then I feel like I am almost constantly wincing or bracing myself around the boys because they can be so rambunctious and I know that that is wearing on me.  Can I just mention that I am so thankful that my mom is here?  (Just FYI:  this may be my new broken record now!)  I really don't have much energy to post anything remotely witty or inspirational, but just wanted to post that we are safely home.  We were so thankful for our time in New York and Mason and Melissa's hospitality, but we are so thankful to be back in our home and with our family.


Your attitude and outlook on life and your situation are more inspirational than any fancy words. YOU are a testimony of God's goodness and grace.
listgirl said…
So glad you made it home safely. Home is home, and there's nothing like it!
LaCombe said…
So happy you got home and are now with your loving boys! Like the above message, you are a testimony of Gods Goodness and you have taught me to Love God more and more, that no matter what storm we face, he is always there with us. It is his agenda!! Love ya and hope to see you soon, Prayers, Kathy

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