Last Post of the Day

Well it is 9:18 NYC time.  I am bushed!  Joyce and I were able to see Becky for a few minutes about an hour ago.  Becky was tired but aware.  She will stay in recovery tonight until tomorrow morning until she gets a room.  

We are going to do our best to be at the hospital around 9.  This should be the time she goes to her room.  Tonight is especially important - every hour that passes the success of the surgery increases.  The doctor said that if anything were to go wrong it would be these next 12 hours.  

So here is me not wanting a phone call tonight. 

On to better news, Joyce and I got to walk through a pass in Central Park.  What a good workout walking here in NYC.  If it wasn't the early morning or the stress of the day that made us tired it was all the walking we did today. 

Anyway - thanks again to all those who prayed for Becky.  She looked as good as she could have for being in surgery 10+ hours.  

I will post more tomorrow, but there won't be as many post as there were today.  I am not creative enough to come up with more to say!


Anonymous said…
Praise God this part is over and all is well. Praying everyone will have a restful night. So glad you enjoyed the airplane ride!
Mary Painter
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the updates, you are doing great with them......Isn't it great that you are able to be there with her and pass on the details!
Still praying for you to have a peaceful nite, and NO phone calls
Debbie Barber
Rachel Locke said…
Glad everything went well. We'll be praying the phone doesn't ring tonight.
LaCombe said…
Rest good tonight and praying for a restful night for Becky as well. Thank you so much for the updates and Tell Becky I am Praying for her for a fast recovery and I send my Love. Kathy
Karen said…
I missed this last post before bed last night, but am glad she is doing well so far. I hope the night was good and that everyone got some rest. Please send Becky hugs!
I am glad to hear that the day ended well. We will continue to pray.

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