One more day

Today is our last day in New York.  I really am so thankful that we were able to come.  I know that this surgery has absolutely been the best decision for me, but....skip, skip, skip, broken record...I am ready to go home! :)  I couldn't resist adding that.  

Update from my doctor's visit:  he came in and checked out my incisions, declared that they look really good, made note of some things that we knew would probably need to be revised at the next surgery, and told me he would see me in 6 weeks.  It was rather anti-climatic, but I will take anti-climatic over drama any day of the week.  I have been wearing a binder thing (think thick 8 inch elastic belt) around my abdomen since my surgery and he told me that he wanted me to wear it or some other type of support for 3 months.  He also gave me some tape to put over my incisions every day to help give extra support since the sutures normally dissolve within 2-3 weeks, but don't completely heal until about 6 weeks out. 

Yesterday, we went and had lunch with Mrs. Miley who works at the guest house here in NYC where my mom and Micah stayed while I was in the hospital.  She was so good to them fixing them breakfast in the mornings and doing Micah's laundry while we stayed there.  She is a precious woman of God and we so enjoyed spending some extra time with her and hearing about her life as a wife and mom of a med school student.  Her husband who passed away a couple of years ago is definitely one of our denomination's heroes of the faith.  He went to Bible college, seminary, taught at the Bible college for 5 years before going to medical school and then was a missionary in Cote d'Ivoire for many years opening a hospital there.  Even after returning from the mission field, he taught at the Bible college for several years, they worked in Colorado among the American Indians, and since he passed away a few years ago, Mrs. Miley has been living and working here in New York City at the guest house and with the international student ministry.  He and Mrs. Miley have long been wonderful examples to my generation of faithful servants who have never stopped ministering no matter where they are in life.   When we left, we asked her if she would be here in December when we anticipate my next surgery, and she replied "only the Lord knows."  How true is that!  How many times in my life have I made my plans convinced that this was the Lord's path for me and yet, in His infinite wisdom, He has seen fit to lead us in another direction.  I am feeling very emotional this morning about this journey we have been on these last few years. Not emotional in a negative way, but just in an overwhelmingly grateful way. God has been so good to us, He truly has, and I am learning to see His hand in every moment. And to trust, always trust, even when we can't understand.

Today, I am going to go and get a manicure and pedicure because in NYC, you can get both for $25--crazy, isn't it?  And we might have to get one more cupcake from Crumbs which if I don't quit eating, I am going to have to have a second tummy tuck surgery! :) These are seriously good cupcakes.  Our bags are packed already and our shuttle bus is picking us up at 7:10 in the morning.  So, I probably won't post again until we get home.  My parents got to our house last night, so I am hoping that they will be a good distraction for the boys today.  My mother in law was telling me how Xavier especially seems to be missing us and asking for us.  I can't wait to get home and hold those boys on my lap and hug their necks and kiss their sweet faces.  It is going to be a joyful reunion tomorrow, let me tell you!


LaCombe said…
Praying for safe travel and a great reunion with those boys as soon as you get home. Praying for a quick healing. I didn't know you were headed back there in six weeks. Wow! My Prayers and Love to you, Kathy

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