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This is what Micah posted on his Facebook this morning and for those of you who aren't following us there, I wanted to share it on here:
Thank you all for praying -

Becky is doing great and recovering well. She is up and down w/ little help. Amazing!

Anyway, we find ourselves needing a little more prayer - new request. We flew here with Angel Corp. They specialize in finding corp. flights for Cancer patients to go to their destinations. That is how we got here. Well now we are needing a flight to get us back to Oklahoma. As of this point in time, there are no flights. We are asking people to pray for a flight early next week, otherwise, we are at the mercy of the airline. The stress of flying would be less if we got on a corp. flight and not commercial - especially for someone who, well has an incision from hip to hip. 

We have seen how God answers the prayers of His people, so once again, we are seeking more prayer. 

Thanks - we are going to wait to book a flight until tomorrow afternoon - so we are praying God opens a door b/t now and tomorrow morning!

Thank again


Then, here are some of my thoughts....for some reason, I seem to really be struggling today.  I just want to cry, I think that it is partly because of missing my boys, but I am just feeling a little overwhelmed today with the recovery process and maybe just feeling a little sorry for myself.  I was reminded by a very dear friend today about a time in our lives during which, we often complained and disliked where we were and only could focus on the negative, but looking back on that time, we both long for those days because even though there were definitely difficult moments, God blessed us with such a sweet friendship and moments of laughter and God was so good to us.  So, please pray for me today that I will remember those good things that God has done and is doing for us.  "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name, bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget none of His benefits...who satisfies our years with good things.."  (Ps 103) 
Here is my list of good things for today:
  • hello, I survived a 10 + hour surgery and am up walking around, have a reconstructed body, that yes, is covered in incisions, sutures, and is swollen, but is reconstructed!
  • I believe that God completely protected me on Friday night when they were saying that there was a possibility that I  had a blood clot.  Micah's aunt died about two months ago from that complication and I could see the absolute fear in Micah's eyes and felt it in my own heart as I thought to myself..."I can't die like this..."  I didn't die, I recovered remarkably well as a result of so many of God's people calling out to Him on my behalf--thank you!
  • we are staying with a surgeon and nurse who this morning helped us with a dressing on one of my drains...yes, we probably could have handled it, but what a comfort it was to call Melissa and have a professional help us with it.
  • my boys are doing so well, they have family and friends who love them and are taking such good care of them--thanks, Mary, for helping them eat their veggies!  
  • I have the sweetest husband who had not the first clue of what he was getting into when he married me. I am blessed beyond words.
Just having written all of that out is making me feel better.  Why is it that it often takes difficult days to force us to consciously remind us of the good God has done?  


Stacey said…
Rats, Becky, I wish we were closer - my husband used to do Angel Flights a lot and really met some amazing people along the way. I hope a flight comes through for you. Wishing you continued recovery and I know how happy you'll be to be back with your boys!
LaCombe said…
Becky, God has Blessed you and Micahin so many ways, and you of all of God's people are intitled to have a bad day but then you think of all the good God has Blessed you with and read scripture and it makes it so much better!.You have taught me and are still teaching me how good God is and I am so Thankful for you and your friendship. I too had a bad day yesterday, but then when I think of what you have gone through and what God has done for you, I can only have good days from now on. Thank You for Psalm 103.Thank You for you! Continued Prayers and Love to you and your family! Nice job on the sea horse and frog! the boys will love them! Beautiful flowers! Praying for a Corp flight to be going your way next weekand continued healing and Blessing for you! Love ya, Kathy
Chad Davis said…
We're prayin for you both! I sent Micah a message on facebook regarding the flight problems.

We're willing to help in anyway possible.
Jodi Govrik said…
You outlined your blessings well! Just keep trying to focus on that. I know it's hard and it is actually is okay to feel sorry for yourself sometimes! It's natural. Just refocus when you can and keep your eyes on the prize! Hang in there, girl! :-)
Amy said…
Becky, it's okay to feel a little sorry for yourself. You have a right to have a down day. You have been through so much and I so admire you for your strength and testimony. The Lord has and is using you in so many ways and in so many lives. You will never know the impact you have made until eternity. Hang in there! I'm sure all of this is so overwhelming. I'm praying for you and I love you!
listgirl said…
God is good all the time!
I can't wait to see your food photos!
renee82 said…
Hey girl!
I'm thinking of you guys and hoping you get a flight soon! As soon as I started reading your post, my first thought was "she's missing the boys". You are a strong woman, but we all have our days. Heck, I know I do and I haven't even been through half of what you've been through. But even if you're feeling bad, you're still looking for the positives. That's amazing! I look up to you and there's a reason that we've connected through scrapping. I love chatting with you and learning about your life. You are such an inspiration and I think we'd be great friends IRL. I know, I'm a bit corny... I wish there was something I could do. I guess I'll stick to praying.Sorry I missed you last night, I had dance class. I hope I'll get to talk to you tonight. xox
Karen said…
I'm thinking of you... I'll definitely be praying for a flight to come through. If you need to book a commercial flight, the American Cancer Society has an air miles program with both Delta and United that you could utilize. You can call 24/7 to look into a booking (800-227-2345.) Let me know if you want me to do any legwork for you... HUGS! I think you're an amazing example of survivorship, Becky! Your strength inspires me and lots of others, too!
Audrey said…
So glad to hear everything is going well, Becky! I read back through your previous posts -- I've had some catching up of my own to do. I'm sending prayers your way, and hope things continue to look up for you -- I think you are an amazing, incredibly strong woman, and I'm happy to know you.

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