Out of the big house

Okay, it is really more like out of the hospital, but after a while, it starts to feel like something more with the incessant coming in to check your vitals and to give you your antibiotic at 1 in the morning (I just don't understand why that is necessary!)  Anyway, we are at our friends' Mason and Melissa's apartment where I am always amazed at the constant roar of the city.  Melissa made us an awesome Spanish meal last night of tortilla, gazpacho, manchego cheese, olives, bacon wrapped dates, and bread--it was so yummy!! (Brooke and Christine, I took pictures of it just for you guys and plan to have a food post soon! :))

One of the things that I loved about the hospital (Memorial Sloan Kettering) was just that it was a really really nice facility. The doctors and nurse staff were amazingly competent and caring.  They had a portion of a floor that was designated as a patient recreation area with its own library, a piano, lots of crafts, games, daily movies, and an outside terrace.  They had the sweetest little stuffed felt animals that you could make and so on Monday afternoon, Micah and I decided to go up and check it out and ended up making this little frog and seahorse for the boys.  I have to admit that the sewing isn't exactly stellar, but I think that they will love it.  Here are a couple of pictures of us working on them:

Here is the finished product--not a great picture, but it was fun for us to do for them.

Finally, can you say spoiled?  Look at all of these beautiful flowers that I got at the hospital!   They certainly have brightened my days.
We are just kind of hanging out at the apartment and watching movies, I am hoping to find some time to scrap, and try not to think about how much I miss our boys.  My post-op appointment is on Monday the 15th and so I am hoping that we can get a flight home a couple of days earlier than we had planned.  



Glad you got your drain out! That sounds like a painful and just weird thing to happen. Will be praying for you about missing your boys...I'm sure that is hard. I will anxiously be awaiting pictures of the food. :)

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