So, maybeIwasn’t completely lucid

So, maybe I wasn't completely lucid yesterday when I was so proud of myself for posting on my blog. When Micah got here this morning, he said, "did you realize that you wrote 'I AN back'?" ummm, no..... oh, well, you just got to see me in my drugged up state. Today, I am using Micah's dad's work computer and it keeps randomly changing the size font that I am using, so I don't know what is up with that. It also has this tiny little keyboard and I apparently have huge man hands and keep making major typos. Brian and Melissa always think that the boys have really large hands, so maybe they get that from me! :)

I am continuing to do well. And will most likely go home from the hospital tomorrow. I am kind of ready not to be in a hospital anymore, and I am really ready to be home home with my boys. I keep telling myself that I know that they have missed us, but they just don't act like they are missing us all that much, so it makes me kind of sad--which is bad because I don't want them to be sad and having a difficult time, but, hello, I want them to miss me too. I am thankful that they are being so well taken cared of and that they are having lots of fun playing with their grandparents, cousin, and friends.

It is another exciting day here at the hospital--taking little walks and naps! :)


Jill Warren said…
Love you so much. :-) So glad that things are going well, and that you are able to get up and move about some. I know you are so anxious to get out of the hospital!! And I really know that you are ready to get back to those little guys. Lola always refers to them as the ones who stuck the crayons in Sophia's water gun. :-) They have a reputation at my house. :-) Speaking of houses, I will be there in just a few more days!! YAY! Once I get settled and you get settled, I'll try to call. Just didn't want to bother you before..not to mention my hands are a little full these days. :-) Praying for you all. Looking forward to getting together in the nearer future now that we are closer!
LaCombe said…
I am so Happy for you, and don't worry about the typo, I do it all the time and I am not on drugs or just had a big major surgery. You did great yesterday and I am happy you get to go home soon. Just be really carefull with the boys and DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO SOON!!! Wish I lived in Fort Smith already, I would come by for a day or so when you get home and help out all I could. Love you Becky and continued Prayers always!!! Kathy
renee82 said…
LOL! I figured it was the drugs! :) Happy to hear that you're going to be leaving the hospital. And don't even worry, you know as soon as you get through the door the boys will be ecsatic to see you again! Hope you travel safe! MWAH! xox
Jodi Govrik said…
I am so glad that you are doing well! I keep checking for updates! :-) Your boys will be so glad to see you when you get home! Keep up the good recovery, but don't push it too much too soon!
You "sound" so great in your post. You are doing so well. I know what you mean about wanting them to miss you but NOT wanting them to miss you.
Catiewilson said…
Hey Becky! We are praying for you! Everyone on Team Russia sends there love! You and Micah will be in our prayers!
Chad Davis said…
I didnt even catch the an! Glad that things are still going well for you Becky! We're praying for you both!!
We are so glad you are doing well. We prayed much last week.
Keep posting when you can so we can know how you are doing.

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