Stressful Afternoon/Evening

It has been an up and down day - It started off well, but by the afternoon, things went a little of the chart stressful. I am keeping this short because I am exhausted. They thought she had a blood clot - test showed - negative - awesome They believe her elevated heart rate is b/c of the surgery and her oxygen levels are low b/c she is sleeping so much and not breathing as deeply as they would like. The head nurse said that they would check on her every thirty minutes. This is a crazy time - the last 5 - 6 hours we spent not knowing to knowing a little. I honestly find myself back as the place I was in 2 years ago when she was first diagnosed with Cancer. In life or in death, Becky is fine. Please just continue to pray for Becky - MIcah


LaCombe said…
Micah you know I am Praying for Becky and for you and your family. God is in control and will take care of her. She has been in my thoughts all day long and I will continue a Pray every hour for her. Keep us updated please, and my Love and Prayers to you and your family. Kathy
Darla & Brian said…
Micah, you, Becky, and the boys are always in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, be strong, and know that we love you and your fam.

Darla & Brian
Rachel Locke said…
We will be praying. I think of her often throughout the day and say a quick prayer for her. I know I have never met her and haven't talked to you in awhile, but please take that with all the sincerity it was meant with. we will be praying for y'all
Anonymous said…
I can not imagine the stress of the day or the last 2 years, please know that many are praying and love you all very much.
Mary P
Hey Becky and Micah, I just wanted you guys to know that we're praying for you guys. I know these are delicate times, and we're trusting in God with you...

Love you much.
Di and Tim

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