I have been able to scrap a bit the last couple of days which has been good therapy for me, I think.  I am trying not to focus on missing the boys, but can I just say for the fifteenth time that I do miss them.  I think that we have decided not to web cam with them anymore because I think that it is making life harder on them.  Poor Xavier gets excited to see us and then just gets this glazed over sad look on his face that makes us want to rip our hearts out.  Please pray for Micah's parents as well.  They took his dad to the hospital last night because he was having chest pains.  He was doing better this morning and was at church, but he will be doing further testing this week to determine what the problem is.  As you can imagine, we are feeling badly about being so far away and his parents are taking care of our boys.  Fortunately, they were able to spend the night with Micah's brother last night.  My parents are going to be driving down a day earlier than planned so they will be there on Tuesday evening.  I know that everyone is going to be okay, I just hate being so far away and feeling pretty helpless.   


LaCombe said…
Becky I will be Praying for Micah's Dad and your parents for a safe trip to watch the boys and for the boys and for you as well, for continued healing from surgery and continued strength for you untill you get home again with your beautiful boys!! Praying, Praying,Praying, and sending my Heart and Love! God is surrounding you with his arms! Love and Prayers, Kathy
listgirl said…
Becky it must be so hard being away from the boys for so long. Praying for that and Micah's dad too.

Loved the food layout. I had to click on it larger to see the photos better!
Irene said…
Becky, I have finally had a chance to catch up with your progress.....and there has been a BUNCH! You sound wonderful and I am so pleased for you and Micah. Soon you'll be back with your boys, and before you know it, life will be "normal" again. God is soooo good!
Jodi Govrik said…
I hope everyone is recovery and your father-in-law and that you get home soon! When we talk next, I need to know how you are scrapbooking and posting these wonderful pages! Are they all digital? IF so, I need to learn how you do that! I'm amazed at your creativity! Hang in there! Two days and you'll be HOME! Yea!

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